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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Skincare Device That I Can't Live Without: Foreo Luna 3

For the last couple of years, I have been prioritising skincare over makeup - mainly because we only have one skin, so it's important to care of it. As well a trying out a few different topical products, I also love skincare tools - and I'm going to be talking you through my absolute Holy Grail which is the Foreo Luna 3 which I have been using for the last 6 months. 

Foreo is a Swedish brand that specialises in cleansing brushes, toothbrushes and even skincare. Foreo stands out because of their tools are made from silicone. If we think of typical facial cleansing brushes, what makes them unhygienic is the bristles, they cling onto water and can harbour bacteria, especially as they never fully dry in between uses. The bristles on the Foreo device are made from silicone, which means that the device dries within 5 minutes so bacteria doesn't have an opportunity to thrive. The silicone bristles  are also hardwearing and so do not get damaged with continued use, so no need to replace any heads.

Foreo, like other facial cleansing brushes, vibrates to help the cleansing process. Foreo has T-sonic pulsations which stimulate the skin, increasing circulation and also cleaning out pores more effectively. I use this device because it cleans my skin without stripping it. To use it, I wet the device before adding my cleanser, turning the device on and then applying it onto my damp face, so that it lathers slightly. I move the device around the different sections of my face in 30 second intervals and then when the timer is done, I wash the lather off my face. I use this as a second cleanse, so that it's exclusively cleansing my skin, and not removing my makeup. 

Foreo have many makes and models, I used to have the Foreo Play (£29), the travel version that has a 100 uses, which is a great starter device if you are unsure. You are able to buy slightly older models and different sized models too. What is also nice is that the 'Full-Sized' device is tailored to your type of skin, whether you have oily, combination, dry or sensitive, they have tailored the bristles on the device to match the needs of the user. I have the combination skin, which comes in the blue colour.

The Foreo Luna 3  (£169) is one of the latest models, and comes with an app which means you can customise the vibration strength, the amount of time you want to use the device when cleansing, and also teach yourself how to give yourself facials. The Foreo Luna 3 has these specialised grooves on the back of the device, which are perfect for facials and also for applying skincare too, and so this device doubles up as both an everyday  and occasional tool.

Although the Foreo Luna 3 comes with an app, it doesn't have to be used with the app, but it's nice to have the option there. You can start the device by using the app, or by double clicking the circle indentation on the back of the device to start the pulsations. In terms of battery, you don't need to charge this product regularly, it definitely lasts a few months in between charges. I think I have charged it around 2-3 times over the past 6 months, and one time was purely because I was taking it abroad with me.

Personally, I love my Foreo Luna 3 I think they've made such an innovative product and after 6 months of using the Foreo Luna 3, it still looks brand new. I don't think you need the latest model, but I would recommend Foreo if anyone was on the hunt to improve their skincare routine. Although this was on the pricier side, I can pair it with more affordable skincare which gives me the same result.

I would love to know if you use any cleansing tools in your routine, if so leave me a comment. I am always on the hunt to discover more tools. If you would like to read more posts then be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date! I have  some upcoming posts that you might also enjoy! 


Sunday, 26 April 2020

Toners - Why I have Started Using Them.

If you spoke to me a few years ago, I would have completely dismissed the concept of toners, I thought it was an unnecessary step in you 'skincare regime'. Back in the day of cream cleansers, toners were actually necessary to ensure that makeup had been adequately removed from the skin - the 'second cleanse' from back in the day. Currently, we live in an age of oil and balm cleansers that can take off every single speck of make-up and so toners fell by the wayside. But recently, some brands have piqued my interest back into toners, and I have given it a second shot...

I am currently on my second bottle of the Garnier Organic Thyme Toner (150ml/ £5.99). This toner is so fresh on the skin and has Salicylic Acid, which was the major selling point for me. Salicylic acid is an ingredient that helps to prevent breakouts by chemically exfoliating deep in the pores of the skin. I've also tried a few different application methods, I used to pour the product out into some cotton wool, but I grew frustrated that the cotton wool was getting the majority of the product. I then switched to pouring the product directly onto my hands and patting it on my face, which was a greater improvement, finally I settled for moving the product into a spray bottle and so I spritz this onto my skin after it has been freshly washed and pat the residue onto my skin before starting my skincare regime. I highly recommend doing this as you get to use the all of the product and have more control on how much you use on application. I have found this product helpful when I have a few breakouts, as I find that this product helps calm and not make the situation worse. I have also noticed that the amount of time I am suffering from a breakout is also reduced which is great.

I've never really used Neutrogena products, however I was intrigued when I saw the Neutrogena Clear and Soothe Toning Facial Mist  (125ml/£5.99) which contains Turmeric. Turmeric is well known in Asia as  a brightening agent, when applied topically. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and so is good for both the skin and also your diet too. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I tried this product, but I did like the result. Firstly this product contains a spray bottle, which delivers a fine mist - so the negatives with the Garnier are not present here. There is a fragrance, however it is not too potent or unpleasant. Again I pat this into my skin and I have noticed that my skin is brighter and not angry. Sometimes I have a few breakouts, and it causes my skin to be slightly sensitive around that area, however since using this, my skin has felt more calmer. It's more of a feeling than a visible result, but nonetheless I do really like this product.

What I realised is that I like toners that add something to my routine, an ingredient that might help with my complexion or texture of my skin, so a bit like a serum but in smaller doses. I alternate between these two toners depending on my skin which I have been enjoying doing in the last month.

If there are any toners that you particularly like, I would love to hear about them, so leave a comment below! If you would like to read more posts then be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date! 
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