Monday, 8 June 2015

Review: BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

So I love nail polish but it sucks when you have to wait for it to dry. So when BarryM launched their quick dry formula I jumped at the chance to buy it...for, you know, the blog...(and my ever growing collection).

So I got the BarryM Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint (£3.99/10ml) in the shade Get Set Go . I was instantly attracted to this colour, it's neon pink and a great choice for summer for both your nails and toenails. What I love about this is that it was true to it's word, my nails were dry in 10 minutes and that's including two coats. It blew my mind. Also. like all BarryM nail polishes it had the same gel like finish and also the same low price. I like that the brush is rounded too, so it fits the curve of your nail nicely and it isn't too big either, so it works nicely for your pinky finger too!

When it came to longevity, I actually paired this polish with the BarryM Basecoat, Topcoat & Nail Hardener (£2.99/10ml). My nails lasted a full five days and for me that is actually an amazing feat. My nails chip like no tomorrow and it usually happens in a domino effect, once one nail chips...the rest go tumbling sooner rather than later. But with this top coat, I did get a chip but that chip didn't get bigger, nor did any of my other nails chip. I'm so glad I bought this polish! If it makes my other polish's last I will be super super happy. Also when you remove this polish it doesn't stain your nails or fingers. That's my top tip for summer, since we start to wear brighter nails, it's important to wear a base coat so that your nails don't get stained. 

Have you tried the quick dry formula? What did you make of it? :) Be sure to follow my blog on bloglovin'!


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