Tuesday, 13 September 2016

5 Skincare Hacks

I love hack videos and blog posts. Anything that might help me be more efficient is a Godsend to me. Recently I've noticed that for the past year I have changed my skincare, without actually changing the products. This sounds strange but these are my 5 Skincare hacks that will help your skin to look more healthier and radiant...

1) Muslin Cloths
My muslin cloth is my ride or die, whenever I travel - even if it's for one overnight stay - I have to pack it with me. A muslin cloth is used to help take off makeup and generally cleanse the skin. So after I have applied my oil/balm cleanser (currently Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel) and massaged that into my skin, I will run my muslin cloth under some warm water, rinse it, and then start to remove any traces of the cleanser with the cloth. This acts as a facial steamer as it is opening the pores so they are ready to be clean, it also acts as a gentle exfoliator as wiping the damp muslin cloth across the face really eliminates any dry, flaky skin. I use this with normal foaming cleansers too, as it removes the product off my skin so well, and honestly having a warm cloth on your skin just feels so therapeutic and relaxing! The reason why I am specific about muslin cloths is because the fabric is tightly woven and so exfoliates without irritating the skin, but face towels can also work! It's also handy if you travel and don't want to lug around your normal facial scrub! Excuse the extremely worn out photo of my Liz Earle muslin cloth! 

2) Patting instead of rubbing
This sounds so lame, but when my face is wet I don't rub it harshly with a towel. Instead, I pat my face dry using the towel. I find this is more gentle and my skin doesn't get as irritated and red when I use this method. You get used to doing it, it's become an unconscious habit for me now. Even when I use facial mists, I pat them into the skin using my fingers. I find by doing this, I am able to retain some of the moisture instead of wiping it all away. 

3) Right method for right formula 
Using a moisturiser is different than using a serum or a facial oil. As a general rule I tend to massage in my moisturiser and facial oils and pat/press in my serums. I think in the first week of using a product, you should play around and try to find the best method for application. When I first got my Sunday Riley Luna Oil, I think I heard that you were supposed to press in the product which led  to me not noticing anything different with my skin for a few days. The night where I massaged it in instead, I saw a difference in my skin the next day. So test and try out what works for you!

4) Tying the hair
If you are one who suffers with breakouts and perhaps may not know the cause then this may be of use. Before you go to sleep, lightly tie up your hair so that it is away from your face. Hair, like every other part of us, carries bacteria and also oil, which can transfer onto your face. This can also apply to when your hair is more greasier, if you leave it out of your face then it may help minimise the chances of breakouts. 

5) Double Cleanse
So any of you who use a toner in your skincare might be aware of how much dirt and make-up can still be left on the face after cleansing. So I tend to cleanse a few times - I start off with my make-up oil/balm cleanser, then I go in with a cleanser to get rid of the residue, an exfoliator and then my final cleanser. I know, I know, it sounds excessive but there is no dirt left on my face so it's why I stick with it!  

I have to say, it's so weird to write this all down! All of these five things are part of my daily routine and things I usually don't think twice about. I hope some of these hacks will come in useful to you guys! I would love it if you guys subscribed to my blog on Bloglovin'!


  1. It's funny how little changes can completely change your skin! The "finding the right method" is something I've been experimenting with too and you're right - it completely changes how your skin feels!


    1. Haha it's true, I think there is a lot of emphasis on the product rather than the application when it's a mixture of both to get the optimal results!
      Thanks for reading! :)

  2. These are great tips! Thank you for sharing :)

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  3. I didn't know that fact about hair at all! I'm going to try it and see if it works! x

    - Eternalleigh.blogspot.com

    1. Haha I am happy I can help! Although no-one knows the true causes of someones acne, this is just something that you should to as a precaution anyway, especially if you are prone to getting breakouts!

  4. All great tips I use daily - great minds think alike!

    1. Haha I'm so glad you use them already! Sometimes I think I go too far haha!

  5. I love using muslin cloths! I definitely learned the hard way about your hair making you break out. I used to get so many pimples on my forehead from my side bangs and since I don't have bangs anymore I rarely get pimples there! Lovely tips :)

    Nida | Caked To The Nines

    1. Muslin cloths is life. Haha, it's like my real staple, even if I am away for a night, I need it in my life! Literally, there are so many ways to get breakouts it's unreal! Thanks for commenting :)


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