Sunday, 18 January 2015

Review: Japanese Mascaras!

Hey guys :) 
So a few weeks back, I got a lovely parcel from Sakura who sent me a bunch of stuff :) There were three mascaras and I have tried all of them to see the differences between them. Here are my thoughts!

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara
I have to say this mascara has the best packaging by far - it just looks so dinky and cute. However it's the one I like the least because it has a really really wet formula which weighs down the lashes and so all that effort that went into curling them disappears within the first 5 minutes. I do like the design of the brush though - it has a ball at the end of the wand which is good for those hard to reach areas - I'm hoping this mascara will be better once it's dried a little!

EyesCream Volume W-mascara 
This mascara is pretty awesome - it has a primer on one side and the actual mascara on the other. The primer looks like it contains a bit of silicone but surprisingly it doesn't bunch up - it has a real smooth application that helps to prep and lengthen the lashes before adding the mascara. The mascara is nice - I like how it's good at lengthening the lashes and doesn't look clumpy. I actually wore this mascara on a day where it was really windy and snowing in Lancaster and I couldn't believe it didn't smudge! Literally once I got out of my building a giant piece of snow went into my eyes so this mascara is really good for extreme weather and really lasts all day.

K- Palette One Day Magic Fiber Mascara
I was the most intrigued about trying this mascara because I have never tried fibers to lengthen my lashes annnnnd I probably won't again. I have sensitive eyes that love to water a lot and so applying the fibers wasn't my favourite thing to do - it did lengthen the lashes but not excessively. The mascara in it wasn't that great alone either - it was really natural and not black either. One thing I found with these Japanese mascaras was that they were all quite natural - nothing clumpy at all which was good. The way I like to wear this mascara is to use the mascara side as a primer as it's good at separating and lengthening the lashes and then use my Maybelline The Falsies on top to make my lashes thicker and blacker. 

I loved trying out all of these mascaras - I definitely love the effect of the last two mascaras and I think I will reserve the first mascara as a bottom lash mascara. What's your favourite mascara? Comment below :)
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  1. Japanese mascaras have always intrigued me, the first one has such an interesting wand! I've never tried fibre mascaras before either I'm glad you've found a way to work with it!
    I'm wearing The Falsies right now too, it's such a great mascara! :)
    Becki |

    1. Haha the first one does look cool! :) The Falsies are just amazing - it does everything I need in a mascara so I always go back to it haha :)

  2. may favourite is always Benefit They're Real, I can never fault it. It's volumising and never clumps!

  3. I have never tried that - but i always hear so many good reviews!! I need to buy it haha :)


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