Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Skincare Saviours ft. ASDM Beverly Hills

Skincare is my thing. It was only last year when I started to become more obsessed with skincare than with make-up because if you use the right skincare, it can improve the overall quality of your skin, so that make-up looks even better. I was so honoured when I was contacted by ASDM Beverly Hills to test out some of their products, I had never heard of the brand before and now, I don't know what I would do without it, so I really wanted to give my honest thoughts about each product that I was sent. 

Firstly, the boxes each product came with are so in sync, different colours to represent different items and the boxes themselves are slightly embossed. It made me so excited, as the boxes looked super high end. The products outside of the boxes were less ascetically pleasing as the products were housed in different packaging, some apothecary styled and others more modern, some in plastic casing and others in glass. I then realised that each product is housed in the material that would suit it the best, the serums are encased in glass, the glycolic pads are encased in plastic to keep it fresher etc. So actually this brand has put the quality of the product first by making sure the product is housed in the best possible material which is actually refreshing to see, so now I like the whole mismatch theme as I know that I'm getting the best out of my product! This brand is also against parabens, animal cruelty and synthetic fragrances.

I was very lucky to be sent the entire Glycolic Acid Peel Kit, which contains four items. Glycolic Acid is used to help the skin to look more refined, by reducing the appearance of large pores and wrinkles and so this kit will help you to achieve the optimal results.
In the kit you get:

  1. Pre Peel Treatment Pads ($24.00/40pads) - these presoaked pads lower the PH level of your skin whilst also getting rid of any excess oil so that when the glycolic acid is applied, it has the optimal results. These pads are slightly textured and so you get a mini manual exfoliation. Once your face has fully dried after the application of the pads then it's on to the next step! 
  2.  Glycolic Acid Peel ($10.00/60ml) - what's really cool about ASDM Beverly Hills is that you can actually choose the strength of the  glycolic acid, it ranges from 10% to 70%, so if you are new to glycolic acid then I recommend starting with the lowest amount! I was sent the 30% strength and you just apply the liquid solution on your face by using a cotton round. This kinda stung my skin - perhaps the strength is too high for me - but you only leave it on for 2-3 min so it was worth the uncomfortable feeling and my normally intolerant, sensitive skin didn't have any adverse reactions to it! 
  3. Post Peel Treatment Serum Neutralizing Solution ($29.00/60ml) is my favourite product to use in this whole kit.  This serum is heaven to apply after the glycolic acid, it's cools and calms my skin down and I literally layer atleast 5 pumps of this product on with the fan brush that comes with it. It restores the PH balance of your skin, thus finishing the procedure and also hydrates and nourishes the skin. It has a thick gel-like texture and so it stays put on your skin, like a mask. You leave this on for 10 minutes and then wash your skin and the whole process is completed! In total the whole kit takes around 15 minutes to do. 
The result is super clean skin. I can notice how deeply this has penetrated the skin and just got rid of festering bacteria. The texture of my skin has changed for the better, my pores are less noticable and my skin is a lot clearer in terms of blemishes and also uneven texture. Literally, my skin has never looked better and although my routine is directed towards sorting out my textural issues, this kit has pushed my skin in the right direction. I'm super careful the next few days to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised so that it can recover nicely. 
In regards to the price, $55 might seem like a lot, however this kit is supposed to last for 40 uses, and so that makes this product really inexpensive. I currently apply this kit once a week or once every two weeks. Now my skin is on the mend, I think I will use this a bit less and perhaps share this with my mom and sister! 

The next two products I was kindly sent were tailored towards the aftermath of the use of the glycolic acid. The ASDM Beverly Hills Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($23.00/60ml) is a product I think every person should own. This is my third hyaluronic acid product and it's just the best product to use to hydrate the skin. I've got oily skin and this still works wonders on me, making my skin look and feel more plump and just keeps the dry flakes at bay. I also love that this comes with a dropper, which is just so convenient (and fun!). to apply, I press a pea sized amount of this product on to a fresh face twice a day and I can't even remember the last time I had dry skin. 

The last product that was gifted to me was something I had never tried before, which was the ASDM Beverly Hills Intensive Vitamin C Serum ($32.00/60ml). This product is also good to wear after the glycolic peel kit as it tries to minimise the the effects of environmental factors. Vitamin E is also a good ingredient for evening out the skin-tone and so protects your skin from sun damage. I love the blue bottle and the pump, it's quick and easy to slap on before your everyday moisturiser and just helps to soften the skin and add another layer of protection. Glycolic peels or not, Vitamin E is an ingredient that will benefit most people, and ASDM have nailed their products as they all work in sync with each other. 

I would love to know if you guys have heard/tried anything from ASDM Beverly Hills. I'm super impressed with the brand as I've just seen a change in my skin, and I love skincare that I can see working! Let me know what your favourite skincare item is in the comments and also be sure to subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my next post!

*This post contains PR samples 



  1. Absolutely loving your photography! I've never tried anything from ASDM, but they sound so cool!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    1. Hi Anika! Thank you so much, I've been trying so hard to up my photography game haha! ASDM are worth a try, and their ethos is also great :)

  2. I might just give these a try :)


    1. You really should! I'm so amazed at these products and I'm so glad I got the chance to try it. I use the serums on a daily basis and try to do the Glycolic Peel on a weekly basis :)


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