Monday, 12 December 2016

Sephora Blotting Sheets

I am a recent convert to blotting sheets. I was blotting my face with tissue and realised that there was a specific product for what I was doing that was probably a lot more hygienic and also more effective. So after a trip to Italy, I managed to get my hands on the Sephora Blotting Sheets (€6.00/50 sheets) and if you guys aren't already in on the action, I think I need to get you hooked.

If you don't already know, blotting sheets are designed to remove the excess surface oil that your face produces, so if you are a greasy mess like me, you really need to blot and remove the layer of oil before reapplying make-up over the top. Grease and powder mixed together can lead to a cakey finish on your face, and also harden your pressed powder. I didn't realise the reason why my powder became hard was due to the transfer of the oils on my face being repeatedly patted into the powder with my applicator.

The actual product is a blotting sheet on one side and has a slight powder on the other side, I tend to blot my face first, just pressing the sheet on to all the shiny areas of my face and then use the other side if I didn't bring any powder with me. So this product actually saves you from having to lug around a powder and an applicator, so if you are low on space, then this is the product you need.

Blotting sheets are designed to blot on the go, and so they are super travel friendly, having packaging that dispenses sheets like a tissue box, which is super convenient. It's also super thin in design and also very compact so it's easy to add in your daily handbag and even in a tiny clutch. For the price, I think this is a great product which helps eliminate residual oil on your face and also ensures non-cakey makeup for when you are reapplying! I highly recommend investing in one if you are one to carry products around with you!

I would love to know if you've tried blotting sheets. If you have, be sure to leave me a comment telling me what your favourite one is! Be sure to follow me on Bloglovin for more beauty posts!


  1. I didn't know that it has powder on one side. Going to check this out, thanks x

    1. Haha I didn't realise either! I found out like the third time I blotted and noticed one side had a different texture!


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