Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review: Sephora Formula X New Neutrals Nail Colour

Hey everyone :) 
So it feels like ages since I have done a blog post so I wanted to write one as soon as I came back from Milan and this time I have another nail polish review :) I have always been interested in the Sephora Formula X polishes since I have heard sooo much hype around it and living in England makes it difficult to shop at Sephora so you can imagine how happy I was in Milan. I got the shade 'Brain Power'. 
Obviously I had to try it as soon as I bought it and I don't get the hype. This formula is Essie standard, which is still good in my opinion but not life changingly different- maybe there would be difference if I did purchase the base and top coat but on its own it's just a standard nail polish. Here is my thoughts on each factor:
Pigmentation - This is nicely pigmented - obviously one coat is not enough as with most nail polishes but two coats is definitely all you need.
Application- This gives a nice even application, it's easy to apply - I  messed up twice but that's just me - you know when you don't want to apply too much polish so you end up not taking enough and it doesn't apply nicely? Third world girl problems right :P
Drying time - This does dry quickly, by the time you have finished with your first layer it's almost ready for your second which is good but becoming more common in polishes.
Sephora Formula X in the shade 'Brain Power'
Colour - The Formula X range is actually almost as good as Essie - so many shades to choose from which I love :) I bought this nude colour because my other nude one from BarryM was going a bit gloopy. I do love this colour though.
Lasting Power- So this is the one that I was the most disappointed with - on me it lasted for 3 days before I had to consider my options of either adding another coat or taking it all off - it wasn't drastically bad but considering that I didn't do any chores in Milan this was kinda disappointing. Also I had the Maybelline polish (post here) on  before I applied this which raised my expectations even more.
Price- I think the price is expensive compared to what you get, this retails for €12.90/12ml which is around £10.27 (according to Google right now) and the price of an Essie polish is £7.99 sooo you should just buy an Essie in my opinion. I just looked at the American price and they charge $10.50 which is decent (around £6.47), so I should have bought it in America instead. 
I'm gutted that this didn't live up to the expectation that I had hoped for - I still do really like this polish but I wouldn't urge you to buy this particular one because there isn't anything special about it - if you like a specific colour from the range then I think that's a good reason to buy it but apart from that it doesn't offer anything I couldn't get from elsewhere. 
I hoped you guys enjoyed my thoughts of this product - tell me if you have a different opinion :) 
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna xx

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