Sunday, 22 March 2015

Products I Regret Buying #1 The Skin-Care Edition

Hey guy!
So when you are addicted to make-up, skin-care and everything in between that results in a heck of a lot of purchases and sometimes you find that the product wasn't worth it. I am no stranger to feeling guilty whenever I get something that either just wasn't what I wanted or it didn't live up to my expectations. Here is the things that just didn't work for me...

1) Michael Todd Moisture Lite Non-Oily Hydrating Lotion (£25.00/70ml)
I love moisturising my skin as weird as that sounds, even though I have oily skin. I tend go for the oil free lightweight kind because I don't need more oil on my face. This product from Michael Todd was such a disappointment, my face was greasy 10 minutes after using it. I have no idea why but I tried it a few times and it just kept on doing it, and imagine wearing make-up for an hour to discover it's practically melting off. Not. Cute. It has a liquid gel texture and smells herbal in a nice way, really fresh. It just didn't work for me, luckily I bought this in a set of four items, so it was around £20 for that set and the other three items were good so...I'll let you make your judgement. Maybe I got a weird one?

2) No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimising Serum (£16.00/30ml)
So I bought this and the next product with the legendary No7 coupons that I always receive (because I keep shopping) and because of that my judgement gets cloudy, I get things that I believe will work and think I need and they just...don't perform. This was a nice product to put on but it really didn't help minimise my pores at all. It is a serum, so you apply it day and night but I felt a bit iffy about putting something like this on my pores at night, since I feel like I should try to keep my pores clean and add nice things too it rather than this serum which doesn't have natural ingredients. This serum is quite watery too which you should be aware about because this is not a primer which will smooth out pores at all, it won't help your pores in the short term (and for me not the long term either). I just feel like I should have brought a primer which will help my pores because really that's all I need.

3) No7 Make-up Brush Cleanser (£8.00/185ml)
Don't get me wrong, this did work. But what I regret about it is that you can clean your make-up brushes with anything; shampoo will make brushes soft and clean and even antibacterial hand soap will fight those germs. I didn't really have a need for a proper cleanser and I find that I use it less and less often. I used to use it more when I did my friends make-up because then I would spot clean my brushes so I could use that brush again. Since I haven't done that this year, I don't really use it apart from the occasional deep clean.  Although this isn't technically skincare, I don't count it as make-up!

4) L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfecting 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution (£4.99/200ml)
This was an okay product, I just don't use it for what you are supposed to use it for. It's like a hybrid toner/cleanser, it's supposed to be a nice way of removing make-up but I just don't see the point, I usually take my make-up off with oils (an Eye/Lip Oil make-up remover (see here) and then follow up with my usual oil cleanser for all over clean (see here). Oils are really good at what they do, if I use this product it won't take off my make-up to the same standard so I will end up using my two oil cleansers anyway. I just don't need it. I actually use this for little make-up mistakes and for cleaning my make-up products when they get a little grubby. If I ran out I know I won't buy another so it was a waste of money.

I just realised that this post was just a ranting session! I hope you liked it anyway and saw why I regretted buying these products, they just didn't work for me but maybe they will work for you! I have another post coming up about the make-up products I regret buying! so subscribe and stay tuned for that :) Follow me on Twitter (@anjna_harish),  Instagram (anjna_harish) and Bloglovin!
Thank you for reading, 
Anjna :)

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