Sunday, 20 September 2015

How to: Work From Home

So I have this feeling that most people actually do quite a bit of work at home whether it be studying, emailing, or filling out paperwork. I actually do all three at home, along with blogging and other things and so I wanted to share tips on how to successfully work at home, because I bet we all know a thing or two about procrastination and distraction.

1) Dedicate time
When you have work to do, I bet you also have a billion other things you could also be doing (Is it time to tidy the bedroom?). Procrastination can get the better of us a lot of the time, but if you plan out your day properly, then you will be able to make sure everything gets done without flitting through three different things at the same time. For my blog, I usually set aside around six hours a week with I spilt over various days, one day for writing and taking photographs, and then other days for using social media. Also knowing that you need to do work, makes you prepared to do it so make sure you bedroom is clean before people! 

2) Figure out your optimal setting
This is an important one, knowing your optimal setting means that you can get work done efficiently. Think about whether you like music playing while you work, or what time of day you work better. Also if you like doing everything in one go or breaking it down into pieces. Personally, I like background music when working (because it's feels less like work), and I also like to work in the morning and get everything done in one go so that I have the rest of the day free. If I am short of time, I like to work on a desk, however if I have the whole day for one or two tasks then I love to chill out and be comfortable in my bed. Once you know what works for you then you can utilise it and save time!

3) Organisation
Like the first point, organisation is important because it helps you save time, if your work space is organised  then your mind can focus on the task at hand. I'm a huge fan of planning the day before about all the tasks I want to accomplished, and since that list is made all I have to do is actually do the work. 

4) Goals
One thing that's good about working from home is that you don't have a manager breathing down your back, however that also means that you might slack off a bit and not perform as efficiently as you should. Making daily goals can help as you have somethings to work towards, and once your goals are all ticked off then you can truly rest (once tomorrows goals are all written up!).

So these were my top tips on working from home, can you guys think of anything I might have missed? On another note I am back from India and I will soon be posting some of my photos from that trip so be sure to subscribe and  follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss it!


  1. I am the worst person for working from home... I always get distracted no matter how hard I try haha! Setting goals is definitely the most useful tip for me though, I always feel guilty if I write my goals down then never accomplish them! :) Great Tips Anjna!

    Becki |

    1. Haha, aw, I know that happens a lot. Closing the internet would help but you actually need it! I try not to look at emails, or my phone - you know things that need constant attention. I'm happy this helped you a bit! Haha, it does the opposite for me, I feel like before I go to sleep all my goals need to be crossed off, but they had to be achievable in the first place you know :) x

  2. Indeed, I have to set my goals right before starting my work from home. If not I'd get too distracted with my mobile ringing or emails or even random facebook posts :) Haha.. !!

    Chaicy recently posted.. Yoga

    1. For sure, once that list is sorted then it's way more easier to focus!


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