Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Review: Rimmel London 60 seconds Nail Polish

It's kind of strange, but changing up my nail  polish really gets me ready for the season. Lucky for me, I have already found my perfect nail polish for me this Winter and it is the Rimmel london 60 Seconds Nail polish in the shade 313 Rita Rouge (£2.99/ 8ml).

To me, this polish is an all rounder, it's super quick at drying (in 60 seconds the polish is dry to the touch), so excellent for those last minute occasions. The brush is also a bit wide, so the application time is reduced and the pigmentation is amazing! One coat can do it all, however I still like to do two thinner coats. The result is a  nice and even layer of polish that is almost gel like in appearance and so a top coat isn't really necessary!  Longevity-wise, this is pretty standard, it lasts nicely for around the 3 to 4 day mark before chipping. But what I love about this is that it's the perfect colour for toenails and also the hands too! It's a lovely deep burgundy that is more brown toned, and so will suit a huge range of skin tones. For me, the colour and the ease of application is the best selling points as there are days in which I just want to do my nails as quickly as possible, and the more fuss free the better. This is the first polish I have in the range, but I would certainly be interested to buy more and at £2.99, you can't really go wrong! 

What colours are you gravitating towards this winter? I would love to know, so leave me a comment down below!


  1. OOH Thats shade is so nice! Been looking for a more holiday-like color but i can't keep my hands off of Pastel colors :,)

    Sakura xoxo


    1. It is lovely shade, it's also really festive if you add a silver sparkle over the top!! Haha it's hard letting go of the brighter colours! x


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