Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Review: Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

My favourite (and most worrying) time of year is when my foundation is about to run out. I spend ages going into Boots, Selfridges and House of Fraser to see what is both new on the market and also what seems to work the best for me. This time the Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation  =(£33.00/30ml) was the product I picked up since I was looking for something with slightly less coverage than my NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation! This is why I love it...

Firstly, can we appreciate the beautiful packing that the foundation is encased in? I love the frosted glass with the silver detailing, it looks and feels luxury. 
Once pumped out the product itself is really nice - it looks thick, however it feels like a whipped mousse - in that it's super lightweight. It's so different and totally not what I was expecting, but in a good way.  In terms of application, I like to use this with my Real Techniques sculpting brush and dot the product all over my face and blend downwards to get the coverage I want from it. On the skin it feels super lightweight and just breathable, which is a major selling point for me. 
For me, the coverage is a solid medium. I've had a better coverage before however the reason I bought this was to be a nice everyday foundation and so I am still happy with this product. For anyone who prefers sheer coverage, this product will be a good perfecting foundation! 

In terms of longevity, this does last on my skin all day. However I do still need to powder periodically, but in this foundations defence, I have to powder my face after all foundations so it's not a deal breaker. What I particularly enjoy about this foundation is the refined look of my pores. Usually foundation makes the gaping holes in my face look like craters, but this somehow smoothes over my pores in the same fashion as a primer. Any foundation that helps my skin look smoother is a good foundation in my books. 
Another major selling point of this foundation is the enhanced sunscreen. This product has SPF 35 and PA +++ which is one of the highest levels of UVA protection. This is why this foundation is a very good daily foundation, because it's both perfecting and protecting your skin. 

In terms of shades, this product has a range of 18 shades. This shade is 13/18 which is '040 Honey Beige. I'm quite tan so I'm happy with the representation of shades. The undertones of these foundations seems quite neutral though, at least compared to NARS. So this foundation matches my face quite well but not my body, as my body is more tanned. So I would take that into account if you have a more yellow undertone.
Overall, I am a massive fan of this foundation, and I think lots of other people will be too. It's justa good all-round foundation! I would love to know if you have purchased a foundation recently and if you would recommend it!
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