Sunday, 27 September 2015

September 2015 Favourites!

I haven't done a favourites in so long, so I thought you guys deserved an update on what I am loving! This month I was in India and so it was a...different month to all the rest for sure.

So before jetsetting to India, I wanted to update my Ipod and while I did do that, I wanted to listen fully to an album I had never listened to, and so I chose Maroon 5's album V 'cause I like Maroon 5 and that was all the reason I needed. I love this album now! My favourite songs are 'In Your Pocket' and 'This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Mother*****r' the last one fit to a tee in regards to the blistering heat I was in. I love all the other ones too, but I thought you guys should check out those two! Another favourite is Dan Brown, I love his books, he is just so captivating when he writes! I have read all of the Robert Langdon series (which I think are my favourite), and I took Angels and Demons to India for another reread since I know it's awesome and I won't get bored. I also took Digital Fortress which I have never read and that was such a good read! Again, it's fast paced and a real page turner and it's got so many twists in it that you'll be astounded! If you love learning new things on a range of different topics then Dan Brown's books are something to check out. What I love is that his books are fact based, however it's the events that are fictional and so you can really get sucked into the book! I'm so not obsessed.

Make up wise, I've been obsessing over my new NARS blush in the shade LibertÉ  (£23.00/4.8g) because it's such a different colour for me! It's an burnished apricot shade, which adds some colour and life to the cheeks but also some definition as well. Honestly, I've been wearing it every day now that I have come back (I didn't want to risk anything happening to it in India, so I didn't take it). I will do a full review on this products very soon! So be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it! In India I did discover some gems which can withstand the excessive heat and the MUA Colour Blast Eyeshadow Tints (£3.00/2.5ml) in the shade Bring it Back was one of them. It's a nice sheer wash of brown which surprisingly didn't crease or budge, and when applied it doesn't look too much either, which I preferred because when your face is melting off, less make up is usually better! The price is very affordable and I am really happy with the product as a whole! If you haven't tried eye shadow sticks before then this is a nice introductory one! The last favourite I have been gravitating towards is the Loved by Lou Lesage tinted lip balm, which was part of the My Little Dream Box I got a few months ago. I like that this is more of a lip balm than a tint, it's so nice and nourishing that you can still feel it on your lips after an hour. Also the tint is lovely too, it's not too strong and you still can have that choice of how deep you want the colour to show. This is a really nice product that is perfect for any handbag!

That's about it for my favourites! What are your favourites this month? I would love to know! Also if there are any Dan Brown fans out there let me know in the comments below!
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Sunday, 20 September 2015

How to: Work From Home

So I have this feeling that most people actually do quite a bit of work at home whether it be studying, emailing, or filling out paperwork. I actually do all three at home, along with blogging and other things and so I wanted to share tips on how to successfully work at home, because I bet we all know a thing or two about procrastination and distraction.

1) Dedicate time
When you have work to do, I bet you also have a billion other things you could also be doing (Is it time to tidy the bedroom?). Procrastination can get the better of us a lot of the time, but if you plan out your day properly, then you will be able to make sure everything gets done without flitting through three different things at the same time. For my blog, I usually set aside around six hours a week with I spilt over various days, one day for writing and taking photographs, and then other days for using social media. Also knowing that you need to do work, makes you prepared to do it so make sure you bedroom is clean before people! 

2) Figure out your optimal setting
This is an important one, knowing your optimal setting means that you can get work done efficiently. Think about whether you like music playing while you work, or what time of day you work better. Also if you like doing everything in one go or breaking it down into pieces. Personally, I like background music when working (because it's feels less like work), and I also like to work in the morning and get everything done in one go so that I have the rest of the day free. If I am short of time, I like to work on a desk, however if I have the whole day for one or two tasks then I love to chill out and be comfortable in my bed. Once you know what works for you then you can utilise it and save time!

3) Organisation
Like the first point, organisation is important because it helps you save time, if your work space is organised  then your mind can focus on the task at hand. I'm a huge fan of planning the day before about all the tasks I want to accomplished, and since that list is made all I have to do is actually do the work. 

4) Goals
One thing that's good about working from home is that you don't have a manager breathing down your back, however that also means that you might slack off a bit and not perform as efficiently as you should. Making daily goals can help as you have somethings to work towards, and once your goals are all ticked off then you can truly rest (once tomorrows goals are all written up!).

So these were my top tips on working from home, can you guys think of anything I might have missed? On another note I am back from India and I will soon be posting some of my photos from that trip so be sure to subscribe and  follow me on Bloglovin' so you don't miss it!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Review: Ted Baker Body Spray

While I bet that everyone knows the brand Ted Baker, I wonder how many people associated them with having a fragrance of any kind ('cause I sure didn't!). So when I spotted these cute bottles in Boots, I really couldn't resist and since there was a 3 for 2 deal, my sister and my mother all got a bottle to ourselves.

The product that we picked up us the Ted Baker Mini Body Spray (£2.50/50ml) and the the reason why I picked it up was because of the packaging, it's pink and small and honestly just looks girly, but in a sophisticated way. What I also like is the fact is that the packaging is plastic and so this is great for travelling or just throwing into your handbag (which is what me and my sister plan on doing). 
As for the scent, I will let the Boots website do the talking:

Sparkling fruity grapefruit, mandarin and mango are teamed with subtle floral notes of neroli and jasmine, while the base of patchouli, sandalwood and musk completes the scent.

I would describe the scent quite fresh and feminine, potent without being overpowering, you only need a maximum of three sprays of this to go about your day. The mist is fine and does deliver and distribute the product nicely. The only negative about this item is that the scent doesn't last very long, which is a shame, on me it lasts around the 3 hour mark, so this really is a 'refresher' type product, that is perfect for applying midday or just before an event, rather than at the start of the day where you are relying on this scent to get you by. Although I would like this scent to last longer, at £2.50 I do think this product is worth it, in my bag I know this will last me a lot longer than any aerosol sprays that I usually carry. Since I got this on the 3 for 2 deal that Boots do, I got three of these cute body sprays for £5, and so for me that really does outweigh any negatives. At the very least, I think this product deserves a sniff. 
I would love to know what your favourite fragrances are! Let me know in the comments below!
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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Mini High End Haul!

I recently posted a highstreet haul and not even a week later I already collected all the products for this haul, it was accidental, I swear, I was just in need of a few things...all of which I am blaming on my trip to India. You'll see why....

For a while now I have been meaning to buy a makeup setting spray, and I've had my eye on Urban Decay's collection since they are partnered with Skindinavia (who make bridal setting sprays) and when I saw online that Debenhams did a mini travel size I couldn't resist buying it as I could try the product without investing too much money in it. I ended getting Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray (£9.00/30ml) which is specifically an oil controlling spray since my face is a greaseball in England so it'll be interesting to see how this holds up in India.

Whilst I was on the Debenhams website I also saw that Make Up For Ever also had a travel size version of their new primers and again I couldn't resist since I have always wanted to try the brand and I did want to try a new primer, that could deal with my oily skin. The Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer (£15.00/15ml) sounded like a good choice especially when Claire Marshall mentioned it in a video a few months back, I knew I had to try it.

The last thing in this haul is actually a gift from my sister, we went into Selfridges, since she wanted to buy the same foundation as me (I've totally enabled people to buy it!). While we were at the NARS counter, I wanted to try some blushes, as I find it difficult to select a shade that looks nice with my skin tone, but is still wearable for the daytime. Since I was being so indecisive about which one to buy, my sister bought me the one that she thought looked the nicest on me. As you can imagine, I was totally ecstatic to receive the NARS blush in the shade LibertÉ (£23.00/4.8g) for freeeeeeNARS describes the colour as a burnished apricot which is actually a perfect description, and although it looks quite strong, you only need to use the tiniest bit, I have really fallen in love with it and I don't know how I ever doubted it. You can totally expect a full review coming your way in the near future!

This haul was really short and sweet, but I was really excited about these products and wanted to let you guys know what reviews will be coming your way in the future!
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