Monday, 13 November 2017

Sephora Collection Smoothing Primer

I've been into trying and testing new makeup again, and today I wanted to talk about a new primer that I have reaching for the past few weeks....

The Sephora Collection Smoothing Primer (€12.00/15ml) is a product I bought whilst I was in Paris at the start of September, and I have been addicted to wearing it ever since. 
My skin type is predominantly oily which means I have noticable pores on my face. In a primer, I like products that are slightly more silicone based, as I find that they smooth over my pores nicely.

This primer is exactly that, sillicone based and, like the name suggests, smooths over the face so easily. I love the feeling of my skin after I have used this product, just because it feels baby smooth! I find that a small amount of this product goes a long way, so even though it's 15 ml's it isn't running out as quickly as I thought it would have been!

I find that my makeup is holding up throughout the day. The top layer of my skin is still oily, unfortunately that will never change, however once I've blotted the oil away, my makeup itself hasn't moved or worn off. Little things like my blush is still vibrant and the coverage on my skin is still there too. 

The packing of the product is something that initially caught my eye. I love the little frosted glass case, it's so nice to hold! I also love the fact that this has a pump, it's so hygienic and just a pleasure to crack out and use. I have total control on how much product is released so nothing is wasted too. Also, even though at times this product may be at the bottom of my makeup stash, weirdly it has never looked grubby! I can't say the same for other products in my bag...

I wasn't expecting to love this product as much as I have, however when I've just had a look online, it's not really widely sold on the American or British Sephora website so earlier I linked the Australian website which is the actual product I have, and here is the next closest thing to what I have described above! 

This product is also quite similiar to LancĂ´me La Base Pro Primer (£28.50/25ml), so if you were a fan of that, you might also like this product too! If you would like to see a round up of all of the primers that I have tried and tested click here! 

I would love to know your thoughts about this product or if you have tried anything similar! Let me know down below and be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date with my posts!
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