Monday, 31 December 2018

My Trip to Boston: December 2018

I recently went to Boston for a holiday, and I honestly did not want to come back to England. I had such a lovely time exploring, finding more about their history and eating great food. I wanted to share some of my pictures and also my recommendations if you were to go!

I did my own tour around Boston City Centre, following the red path of the 'Freedom trail' which highlights the main sights in Boston within a three mile radius. I think this path is a must if you are in Boston! I actually listened to a podcast which actually delivers a tour which was really relaxing, as you get to go at your own pace, stopping and starting where you want to. The podcast I listened to was the 'Welcome to Boston - The Freedom Trail'. It gives around a 5-10 minute history on each of the sights so it's informative and interesting but not to long!

In terms of attractions nearby, I did enjoy the Boston aquarium as you were able to gently stroke stingrays and starfish which was an experience! Apart from that, the aquarium was similar to others I have visited in the past. Visiting the waterfront while I was exploring was just lovely. Boston has an amazing sunset!

I love to go to museums, especially when I am abroad. In Boston there are so many museums to choose from. I was more attracted to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which was a self-curated museum that Isabella, an avid art collector, put together. I found this experience more enlightening, as she arranged her pieces in a particular way to spark thought and emotion. This is such a aesthetically pleasing museum with a few famous pieces.

This museum is well-known due to the incident in which someone stole 13 pieces of art, including the works of Degas and Rembrant in 1990. The frames are still up there in hope that the art will be returned.

In terms of food, there is so many places to eat in Boston so you won't be starved of choice. I really enjoyed Lolita Cocina and Tequila Fort Point bar, they do amazing cocktails and do a sort of a Mexican Tapas. The Smoke Shop BBQ is also a fantastic place if you love American style BBQ. One of the most memorable foods though was the Shrimp Taco's from Kings Dining and Entertainment on Boston Seaport, so I would highly recommend trying those!

One of the last stops we made was to Harvard University, It's around a 15 minute train away from Boston city centre, and MIT is also on the same line. Visiting Harvard actually reminded me of England, it's a small town consisting of the Harvard Campus with the essentials shops surrounding it. Its worth a visit for sure if you are in the area!

Although I spent 9 days in Boston, it flew by! I would highly recommend going to Boston if any of you get the opportunity and I hope that I am able to return back there in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of my holiday! Let me know in the comments what location is worth seeing!
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