Monday, 2 September 2019

5 Common beauty mishaps (+ fixes)

I love Instagram, don't get me wrong, but the completely polished look is unattainable 24/7. Mistakes happen and sometimes we are just short of time and that's fine. Sometimes our nail polish chips after the first day, we applied too much blush, or the mascara smudged on our eyes and we forgot to wipe it off. If you are prone to common beauty mishaps along these lines, stay tuned and I can recommend some solutions! 

The Perfect Wing
Like eyebrows, I believe that when lining your eyes we should be aiming for sisters, and not twins. Firstly because you don't want to spend an eternity doing your eyeliner and secondly people don't tend to notice your eyeliner once you have mascara on anyway. I'm not too fussy about my own eyeliner, however if I make a mistake that is going to be obvious, there are two tricks I like to use. The first is to use a cotton earbud to sharpen out the wing, or even erase it to start again. I like to use some eye-makeup remover to do this, although micellar water would also work. If there is no hope, I love to smudge out my eyeliner for more of a smokey, grungy look which can be less precise - having a soft eye pencil can help to create this look.

Gooey polish
I find that if I love a nail polish it's easy for me to reach the bottom of the barrel quickly, and sometimes we just have to make do with what we have, however in this case it leaves us with an uneven finish which, for me, ends up coming off fairly soon anyway. So if you have found that your nail polish has gone a bit gloopy, I would try one of two things. Firstly, try putting a small amount of nail polish remover in the polish and giving it a shake. This can help to get some of the dried polish off the sides and also turning the polish into a thinner consistency, it might also make the colour slightly less opaque too. The second thing you can do is heat up the polish with a hairdryer, again this helps to melt the polish so that it is more of a liquid consistency again! These tips should help to prolong your polish for at least another application. Below I have shown the nail polish with the remover colour compared with the gooey polish that it started out as!

Frizzy hair/flyaways 
As a person who walks 30 minutes up and down a hill to get to work, I am no stranger to the occasional frizz. A nice way to tame this is to warm up some handcream between your palms and then smooth down the hair. This is a great way to tame the hair but also the hand cream adds a mild scent too! I find that using handcream is not as greasy on the hair, and just adds enough product to put down those flyaways and tame a bit of frizz. It's also something that you might always carry in your bag too!

Bed sheet Nails
Everyone raise their hands if they have painted their nails just before they go to sleep, not moving an inch the whole night, but still finding that their nail polish has been defiled by the bed sheets. 
It is the worst. 
We usually do this because we are short on time and might have to rush in the morning. What I recommend is to do the same and apply the majority of the polish the night before however in the morning, apply a gel coat that is thicker in consistency. The gel coat will smooth over the texture and give that shine of a perfect manicure. I would highly recommend the Kiko Milano Gel Effect Nail Polish as it dries down within 5 minutes, however the Maybelline SuperStay Gel Effect is one that is thick in consistency and is more easily accessible. The first photo below, you can see that my nails aren't really the right texture, however once I have added the gel polish over it, you can't see any textural issues!

Clumpy/Dry Mascara
I love a dry mascara, I find that this consistency really helps to hold up my lashes after I have curled them, however once your mascara is dry, there is a small amount of time to work with it before it's completely unusable. In the same vain as the gooey polish, I find that if I want to have a thinner consistency of mascara, then heating it gently with a hairdryer works really well!

So those are my 5 mishaps and fixes - I have to say that these are also mishaps that happen to me regularly, and so I hope someone else can benefit from all the mistakes that I make! Let me know if you have any mishaps and fixes too! I would love to learn more hacks! If you would like to read more posts then be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to stay up to date!

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