Tuesday, 30 August 2016

2 essential products for healthier hair

Hair used to be such a neglected part of my routine. I have loads of products to use on my hair, but it's so easy to forget to use them! Today I wanted to dedicate a post to the two products which has made the most difference in the appearance of my hair...

The first product is the Percy & Reed  Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Overnight Recovery (£20.00/150ml). That name is seriously long. I actually got this in Elle magazine and just fell in love. This is a cream mask that you leave in your hair overnight and wash out in the morning. Applying a cream to your hair seems so odd at first, but this sinks in quickly and doesn't leave residue which is ideal! I use like a walnut size and apply mainly through the mid-lengths to the roots of my hair. When I wash this out I can still feel the product in my hair which I like as it's continually conditioning my hair until the moment I wash it out. The effect is silky soft hair that is so weightless that you feel like you belong in a shampoo advert! The smell of all Percy & Reed products is amazing, it's so hard to describe but it's just fresh smelling

The second product I am going to mention is the LABEL.M Protein Spray (£14.25/250ml). This protein spray was kindly gifted to me by my best friend and it's the best heat styling spray that I have ever used. It really nourishes the hair so that the effects of heat damage is practically undetectable and I've noticed that my hair just looks more healthier, especially at the tips. My hair cut looks fresher for longer thanks to this product. I use this religiously so the massive size is useful, as I do reach for it on an almost daily basis and it's just brilliant. It smells lovely too, like a muted jasmine and vanilla which is the perfect aroma as it's a fragrance that you never get sick of. I also like the way this mists out, it's a very fine mist that targets a large portion of the hair and so I don't have to use tons of this product. I have medium length hair that is more on the thick side and I only use around 4-5 sprays.

Both of these products are the ones I gravitate towards when my hair needs some health and life injected back into it. I just love both of these products as they really do just help the overall condition of my hair with the least amount of effort, which is all I'm looking for! If you haven't tried these, I would definitely recommend it as makes taking care of hair more of an therapeutic experience rather than a chore! 
I would love to know what hair products you would recommend that helps your hair look healthier! Let me know in the comments below. 
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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Trio of Masks for Any Occasion

I love to spend time pampering myself as it helps me to unwind and relax. Using facial masks is one of my favourite ways to feel pampered and refreshed. Such a small thing can have such a massive effect on your mood and I'm a fan of feeling good. I wanted to share my new trio of masks that can see you through any occasion and the plus is that they are all available on the high-street! 

I'm going to start with my favourite mask that I think everyone needs and that is the Kiko Energy Mask Detoxifying Black Mask (£5.90/55ml). I've tried to look for this online, and there is no mention of this so it might be discontinued! If you do spot this, be sure to grab a bottle because it's amazing. It's a black mask that just seems to help congested skin and make your skin noticeably clearer and brighter. It's leaves your skin matte without being too drying uncomfortable! I think this makes an excellent weekly mask to just help get things balanced again. I like to remove this mask with a muslin cloth because it takes the mask off within seconds! 

The mask that is perfect for any early risers is the Soap and Glory The Fab Pore Mask (£10.00/30ml). This mask aims to purify and reduce the appearance of pores through the minty flavour which is probably the reason why this works so well! The minty smell also helps to wake you up if you put this on in the morning. It also has medium size beads that I like to work into my skin while I apply the product and take it off. This is a good one to just concentrate on the nose area before make-up application, it just makes everything smooth and pores less crater-like for people who suffer with craters on their face (like me!).

The next mask I have to mention is my newest mask which is the L'Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask (£7.99/50ml). This mask contains Red Algae and also has little beads so you can exfoliate the face to achieve a brighter, more glowing complexion. I think this is a great product to use all year round as who doesn't want to look like they are glowing from within? For the price, I think it's a great investment, it gives you a lot of product with the addition of a scrub. This also smells like Cardamom which I like, however it was really unexpected coming from a product like this! This is the one I would recommend for someone who is looking for an all-round mask to help their skin look a bit more youthful and brightened. 
Have you tried any of these masks? Also what masks would you recommend - I would love to know!
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Products I Regret Buying! #3

Trying and buying so many products sounds like the ideal life, however half the time the products that you come home with don't deliver which sucks. Luckily, even though I dislike hating on a product, I do love to use this chance to tell you guys why I didn't like a product. So here is products I regret buying #3!

Urban Decay Setting Sprays are cult favourites and I was really looking forward to try something that would help my make-up stay put and control my shine for a few extra hours. This was the first setting spray I tried, and it is actually one of the worst. I got the Urban Decay Deslick (£22.00/118ml) because it is tailored towards oily skin. It just didn't work for me, my make-up acted the same as when I didn't wear this product, so it really was a waste of money for me. However, I still want to try the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray because I know that is more popular and has had great reviews. In the mean time, I think I found my setting spray love in the L'Oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist (£7.99/100ml), it's a great price and works really well!

Another high end product I didn't exactly love was the Lancôme Grandiôse mascara (£25.00/10ml). I'm super picky with mascara, my eyelashes just don't hold a curl if the weight of the mascara is too wet or too heavy. This mascara can work for me if I am super careful which means I can't apply more than one layer otherwise my lashes will drop. I usually apply this as a last step on occasions to thicken my lashes after my mascara has dried so that my lashes look extra thick and black. I regret buying it because of the effort I have to go through using it, so even though I can make it work, I wouldn't purchase it again. 
While we are on the subject of mascara, the L'Oreal Mega Volume Collagen Mascara (£9.99/9ml), just didn't work for me at all, my lashes dropped within a few seconds of applying it. It's quite a thin formula, but it's not waterproof so I reckon that's why it doesn't hold a curl! It's super quick to tell if a mascara will work for you or not, so after I knew I just passed this onto my sister so it'll at least get some use.

A product that I have forgotten that I owned is Pixi Mesmerising Mineral Palette (£15.00) which is a stunning eye-shadow palette, I actually love these colours and each shadow is pigmented and unique. Unfortunately, the formula is quite thin and so creases really easily on me and so this simply doesn't get used a lot because I reach for the shadows that do last on me instead. When you own so many eye-shadows, you do begin to favour some things over others, and you tend to just go with the ones that deliver all the time. 
The last regret I have is Benefits Posytint Lip and Cheek Stain (£24.50/12ml)I've heard people say so many good things about this product and so I was excited to try it out when I purchased this as part of a mini set. When I tried this I was so disappointed, I dotted it onto my skin and blended immediately and although the colour spread a bit, you could see the stain where I had originally applied the product. no amount of blending got rid of it. On the lips it's nothing special either, and so I don't think that the price of this product is worth the formula at all.

I have to say that although I regret buying these products, they might work wonders for you. the eye-shadow palette, setting spray and mascara's are due to my awful lashes and my oily face. So if you share some of the same issues as me, then I wouldn't recommend these products! If any of you have had any luck with these products, I would love to know so be sure to comment below and also let me know what your current regrets are!
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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force

 If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed that I recently met Fleur de Force at the signing of her new book The Luxe Life in Birmingham. If you haven't heard of Fleur, she is one of the leading 'beauty guru's' on YouTube, and is the person who got me into beauty four years ago! Meeting her, her husband Mike and her little dog Piglet was such a pleasure, and really got me in the mood for reading this second book...

First of all, what I really like about The Luxe Life is that it's a hardback and so is more durable and worth the extra bucks. Secondly, the design is beautiful, it has a rose gold spine and a nice light modern style to it, which sets up the attitude of the whole book - sophistication with a modern, young twist. The inside is just as beautiful, with Fleur modelling the contents of the book in various pages.
The Luxe Life is what Fleur defines as the 'older sister' to her first book The Glam Guide (review here), which I think is an apt description. This book is less of a basic guide and more of how to really amp up your life through the smallest details. As much as I enjoyed her first book, it was a beginners guide, and I felt that I knew quite a lot of the tips and tricks through being an avid beauty lover myself. The Luxe Life however, has taught me a lot more about different topics such as decor, hosting and also the art of gifting. I believe that I am getting this book at the right time, as I am currently at that age where I care about my surroundings aesthetically and just want to start carving a nice life for myself.

Another thing I enjoy about both of her books is that you can pick them up and read a random chapter. If I want new hairstyle designs then I can go skip straight to that part to gain more inspiration. Because of this feature, these books make excellent coffee table/guest bedroom books as they are well-suited to the casual reader. 

As much as I wanted to show snippets of the inside of the book, I believe that you should really purchase the book if you want to see more. Check out Fleur's Instagram for some of the photography inside the book! The Luxe Life  retails at £18.99 however it is currently £9.00 on Amazon.

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Rolling your face?

Today, I wanted to talk to about facial massage, which is something I have been doing for the past year now. The face contains a lot of muscles, and like all the other muscles in the body, it needs to be cared for. Massaging your face regularly increases blood circulation to your face, which results in more youthful looking skin which is brighter and healthier.

There are a few ways that you can massage your face and the first thing you need to do is pick your weapons. I either use my fingers or a facial roller, the one I have is the Yu Ling Jade Facial Roller (£28.00) in the medium size. In terms of application if I use the jade roller I will apply it on my bare skin and use large sweeping motions in a downwards direction, for instance from above the temples all the way down to my jaw. I like to spend around 10 minutes rolling my face and while you do it, you can feel the lymph nodes under the skin that you are trying to slowly drain. This is what convinced me that I had severely neglected my face! 
So now, I use every opportunity I have to massage my face and this doesn't need to be done with a fancy roller. I usually stick to oil or balm cleansers to remove my make-up, spending an extra few minutes massaging every nook and cranny of every crevice of my face. The current cleanser I am using is the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£29.50/100ml), which I reviewed a few weeks back. I'm also a fan of night oils, and this Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (£85.00/50ml) is one of the best I have tried. Massaging a night oil in your face is one of the best ways to treat your face, as using an oil means that you can massage for a longer period and allow the skin to fully absorb the specific ingredients that the oil contains.  
Facial rolling and massages are a really good way to relieve stress from your body and so I urge you to give it a try if you haven't already! It changed my perspective on facial skincare when I first drained my lymph nodes! 
What do you guys think of facial rolling and massaging? Let me know in the comments below! 
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