Saturday, 25 April 2015

Review: Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liner

As soon as I tried this product, I knew I had to tell people about it. The Sephora Collection Nano Lip Liners (€5.00/0.025oz) are so cute that I just has to buy one when I was in Paris earlier this month!

What I love about this is that it's pigmented and but also more of a creamy matte formula - as opposed to the Rimmel London Exaggerate that I spoke about a while back (which is also good but way more matte). This basically means that it glides on really nicely, it doesn't feel too drying on the lips and also you can wear this product by itself (or make it more of a lipstick by adding some clear lipbalm to it, which is another way I wear this). 

I have worn this like crazy already, I only bought it two weeks ago and I have already sharpened it, so I feel like I will use this up really quickly, even more so because it is so small! I am glad I got to try it, cause it is awesome and I just feel like this would be great for people just getting into lip liners as it is really not much of an investment or if you wear a statement lip colour every now and again. Although their colour range is quite limited, the colours that they do have are really nice. The colour I have is called '06 Pretty Praline' which is more of a  'my lips but better colour' and that's the reason why I have been wearing it so much!

The only semi negative thing I have to say about it is that it doesn't last all day on me, it lasts for around 4 hours nicely and then starts to fade away, but that's probably due to it being a more creamy formula on application. Underneath lipstick it lasts slightly longer but that's because there is an additional layer to get through. I still like this as a product and I know this will be one of the make-up products that I will finish. I think if you generally suffer from dry lips then this will be the perfect product because it won't cling to those dry patches awakwardly :)
I've heard that MAC do the best lip liners - what do you think?
Anjna x

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