Tuesday, 31 March 2020

15 things to do whilst self-isolating

So March has been a long month and a lot has happened. As we are all isolating ourselves in our homes, I thought I would share some things that you can do while you are at home, to break the monotony and take advantage of the time that we have got. I will be sharing some examples of what I have been doing too!

1. Read a book (I finished Heroes by Stephen Fry, and would highly recommend)
2. Do a jigsaw/ Play a game (I've found a deck of cards last weekend!)
3. Draw/ Colour
4. Listen to your favourite albums (I've been listening to old Muse Albums)
5. Plan a workout schedule

6. Listen to Podcasts (My Favourite Murder/ No Such Thing as Fish/ Is it Just Me?/ Science(ish))
7. Do a manicure/pedicure (my sister has kindly gave me both!)
8. FaceTime/ phone friends (I have been doing this while walking)
9. Bake a cake/ Cook a new dish (I helped bake my own birthday cake)
10. Clean or reorganise a space in your home

11. Give yourself a facial (I knew that Jade Facial Roller would come in handy!)
12. Practice Yoga/ Mindfulness (Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube is my favourite)
13. Watch a new movie with the lights dimmed for a cinema experience (I've done this once and it was great!)
14. Experiment and try a new makeup/ hair look
15. Give yourself a massage (I am planning on cracking out the Tonic Body Treatment Oil from Clarins!)

I hope you found at least one thing that was helpful on this list! Let me know if you have any more tips and tricks on new things to try as I would love to hear them.

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