Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Two Tops You Need This Autumn

Fashion month this year has really got me in gear to add a few more pieces in my collection. If I had to describe my style when I make an effort, it would be casually put together. I like looking like I didn't spend an hour deliberating on an outfit, but still making sure everything goes together seamlessly. So when I found two exceptional pieces in Primark, I knew I had to tell you guys about it because I am so impressed. The two tops I picked up are stylish, versatile and also very affordable...

I love monochrome, and I love vertical stripes. So it's no wonder this shirt drew my attention. What I liked about it was the casual feel to it, the folded up elbows to the whole no collar vibe. I also like that the shape of the shirt is flattering for women, it's not boxy at all, and that why I've chosen to not tuck it in. Firstly, to show you guys, and secondly because I like the look of it. The material is also lovely, it's slightly thicker than it looks and so was really good at keeping me warm! It's super soft too, and so for £10.00, I think I've found a perfect shirt to style up and down! I've paired this with my turquoise Guess bag to add a pop of colour.

Shirt: Primark
Bag: Guess Isabeau Green Large Crossbody Bag
Loafers: T.K Maxx
Skirt: Bershka 

Khaki Pleated Top (£8.00)
As soon as I saw this top, I knew needed to have it. I'm loving the pleated look at the moment, with skirts especially, but this top looks like it can work for so many different occasions! It's formal enough to wear to work, but also stylish enough for the bar afterwards. It's a slippery, slightly stretchy material that gives a satin-like finish. I think the pleated look elongates my figure, I'm only 5'2 but this makes my torso look a bit longer. I wanted to wear black with this piece to show off the colour, and also the unique texture of the material. This look is less daring but just reliable to always look flattering!

Top: Primark
Bag: Aldo
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: T.K Maxx

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this! It's the first time I've truly delved into fashion on my blog and I would love to hear your thoughts. My respect for fashion bloggers has grown so much because of this, as taking pictures is not as easy as it looks. What are your picks for this season? Also be sure to subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my next post!
Photo's taken by Jag Sanghera.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Top 5 Make-up Brushes

My make-up brush collection is one that I have been meaning to show for a long time. Although I have way more brushes than this, the ones that I will show you today are the 5 stand-outs in my collection...

So first up is the Real Techniques Contour Brush (£9.99) which is my go-to brush for foundation. It is a pretty dense brush, which means that you can achieve coverage that is even, leading to a flawless base. It's super soft and doesn't leave the dreaded streak marks on me. Since this is quite a bigger brush than the rest of my base brushes, I find that I spend less time buffing the product in, which is ideal for anyone who wants a good coverage in the least amount of time. My next love was a part of the same set as the Contour brush and it's the Real Techniques Setting Brush (£7.99), this brush is just fantastic at blending in a highlighting concealer around the face. I don't personally use this for setting my face because I find it a tad too small, but because it has long and flexible bristles, I find that this blends in the concealer seamlessly, without making it seem like there is a lot of product on my face. 

The last base product I am going to mention is the bareMinerals Hydrate and Brighten Brush (£21.00)This brush is one of the softest brushes I've ever felt, and it's so sad but this brush is reserved for the use of my Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder. I think it's the perfect product to pair this brush with as it's intend for a light and natural finish, and the bristles on this brush reflect that by being tapered and flexible, and so doesn't cake the product on the face. 

For eyes, the M.A.C 217 Blending Brush (£20.00) is the one. I gave into the hype on this one, not going to lie. I was sceptical that this brush will change my life, like I've heard people proclaim. But damn, there is something special about this brush that other brushes can't quite mimic. I can get by without this, but I feel like now I've experienced it, there is no looking back. To those who want to try this, I would say go for it. It blends like a dream and helps to make a more perfected shape for your eye. 

The last brush I want to mention has been my eyebrow brush for the last few years. Yup, it's probably time to get a new one. This was one of the first brushes I ever used, I bought one of those really cheap sets off Amazon (They still sell it here!!!), when I wanted to practise and this one actually was one of the few good ones out of the rest of the duds! I like this for my eyebrows because it's angled and flexible which means that you don't get too much product on the brush, which leads to more natural looking brows. As much as I love the Instagram brow trend, it's not my personal style for myself. I need to find a brush like this, so if you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them.
I hope you liked having a sneak peak of my brush collection. If you would like to see more, let me know in the comments. I would also love to know your top brush recommendation! Subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my next post! 


Friday, 16 September 2016

Instagram Diary #1

Lately, I have been in love with posting pics on Instagram. Literally, I will post one photo on the weekday, showing you guys my daily make-up look, new blog post or even a mini review. Today I'm going to show you my mini snapshot of my Instagram Diary...

The three nail polishes on this snapshot are all from BarryM, I love this brand, they have different formulas, colours, payoff's and it's my go-to brand for having everything go right with my nails! 
I have also posted three blog posts in these last three weeks, the first was my Two Essential Hair Products For Healthier Hair, the next was my Two Lipsticks to Carry You into Autumn, and the last was my 5 Skincare Hacks. I have really been enjoying blogging lately, every week I will have an idea and then I will just grab my laptop and write! I already have an idea for next Tuesdays post, so I am going to shoot some pictures later today! 
I wanted to give a mention to my brow game lately, I've been exclusively using L'Oreal products for the last few months (3 for 2 deals are when you should strike). I literally feel like the little Brow Artist Genius Kit and the Brow Plumper are all you need. 
The new item I have been trying is the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil. I have enjoyed using this oil, it leaves my skin really soft and it's full of natural ingredients, and so is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin! 
So that was my mini roundup of my Instagram! I would love it if you comment on my latest Instagram photo that you came from here! My username is anjna_harish. Subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with my next post! 


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

5 Skincare Hacks

I love hack videos and blog posts. Anything that might help me be more efficient is a Godsend to me. Recently I've noticed that for the past year I have changed my skincare, without actually changing the products. This sounds strange but these are my 5 Skincare hacks that will help your skin to look more healthier and radiant...

1) Muslin Cloths
My muslin cloth is my ride or die, whenever I travel - even if it's for one overnight stay - I have to pack it with me. A muslin cloth is used to help take off makeup and generally cleanse the skin. So after I have applied my oil/balm cleanser (currently Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel) and massaged that into my skin, I will run my muslin cloth under some warm water, rinse it, and then start to remove any traces of the cleanser with the cloth. This acts as a facial steamer as it is opening the pores so they are ready to be clean, it also acts as a gentle exfoliator as wiping the damp muslin cloth across the face really eliminates any dry, flaky skin. I use this with normal foaming cleansers too, as it removes the product off my skin so well, and honestly having a warm cloth on your skin just feels so therapeutic and relaxing! The reason why I am specific about muslin cloths is because the fabric is tightly woven and so exfoliates without irritating the skin, but face towels can also work! It's also handy if you travel and don't want to lug around your normal facial scrub! Excuse the extremely worn out photo of my Liz Earle muslin cloth! 

2) Patting instead of rubbing
This sounds so lame, but when my face is wet I don't rub it harshly with a towel. Instead, I pat my face dry using the towel. I find this is more gentle and my skin doesn't get as irritated and red when I use this method. You get used to doing it, it's become an unconscious habit for me now. Even when I use facial mists, I pat them into the skin using my fingers. I find by doing this, I am able to retain some of the moisture instead of wiping it all away. 

3) Right method for right formula 
Using a moisturiser is different than using a serum or a facial oil. As a general rule I tend to massage in my moisturiser and facial oils and pat/press in my serums. I think in the first week of using a product, you should play around and try to find the best method for application. When I first got my Sunday Riley Luna Oil, I think I heard that you were supposed to press in the product which led  to me not noticing anything different with my skin for a few days. The night where I massaged it in instead, I saw a difference in my skin the next day. So test and try out what works for you!

4) Tying the hair
If you are one who suffers with breakouts and perhaps may not know the cause then this may be of use. Before you go to sleep, lightly tie up your hair so that it is away from your face. Hair, like every other part of us, carries bacteria and also oil, which can transfer onto your face. This can also apply to when your hair is more greasier, if you leave it out of your face then it may help minimise the chances of breakouts. 

5) Double Cleanse
So any of you who use a toner in your skincare might be aware of how much dirt and make-up can still be left on the face after cleansing. So I tend to cleanse a few times - I start off with my make-up oil/balm cleanser, then I go in with a cleanser to get rid of the residue, an exfoliator and then my final cleanser. I know, I know, it sounds excessive but there is no dirt left on my face so it's why I stick with it!  

I have to say, it's so weird to write this all down! All of these five things are part of my daily routine and things I usually don't think twice about. I hope some of these hacks will come in useful to you guys! I would love it if you guys subscribed to my blog on Bloglovin'!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Two Lipsticks to Carry you Into Autumn

To me, it's already Autumn. September is about change and starting afresh and so it's no wonder I am stuck in the mindset that it's already Autumn. Autumnal make-up is bold and captivating and I have two lip products to share that will help you achieve bolder looks with minimal effort.

The first product is bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip-Oil Balm (£17.00/3.1g) in the Shade 'Plumberry Pop'. This product is fantastic for those wanting to get into lipsticks, but don't like the faff surrounding it. This shade is a lovely sheer plum/berry shade that's brilliant for this coming season. Since it's sheer, it's perfect to take on the go and is so low maintenance that it's akin to lip-balm. This product however is better than traditional lip-balms because of it's oil texture, which keeps the lips moisturised and looking hydrated. I think this shade looks so nice with gold eye-shadow, as it makes the gold pop even more and just really puts a look together!

The second product is more of a statement lip, and it is the NYX Liquid Suede (£6.50/4ml) in the shade 'Soft Spoken'. This is actually the first NYX product that I've tried and so far I actually really like it. So this is a liquid lipstick, so it's designed to stay on the lips and not be as easily transferable as traditional lipsticks. This product has good longevity and isn't drying on the lips, however before application you should be going in with a nourishing lip-balm. I think the preparation before applying this product is important as you want to make sure your lips are hydrated and flake free and then the application will go more smoothly! The shade of this product is so nice too, it's a slightly darker classic brown-pink colour that's currently on trend and so will suit a wide variety of skin-tones. When I wear this product I like to go with a more nude but polished look, so I will keep the rest of my make-up more on the brown side, but perhaps have a thicker liner or add more mascara to add more of a statement.

So those are my two autumn lip picks, I would love to know what shades/colours you gravitate towards in autumn!
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