Saturday, 30 April 2016

Worth the hype? Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Despite being a beauty addict, I was dubious of the whole sponge fiasco that surrounded the beautyblender (£16.00) and also the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99). However two of my friends urge me a few weeks ago to buy the RT one and I folded. I just wanted to see why everyone was transfixed with this method of applying make-up. So if you are on the fence, hopefully this post will help you out since I will be guiding you through the pro's and cons!

I have to admit, I didn't like using the RT sponge at first. I completely soaked it in water, squeezed it, and then applied my Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and was left with a patchy, sheer and wet looking face. However I learned quickly and the next day I slightly dampened my sponge, making sure that all the excess water was gone, and then applied my foundation. This time it went better, I feel like the first side of my face that I work on still ends up being the slightly worse side because the sponge is damp and so eats up more of the foundation. However, by the time I reach the other side, it applies perfectly. Once the foundation has dried I go over any areas that need more coverage. 
What I find remarkable about the sponge is that it pushes the foundation into your skin. I feel like this enables it to mesh nicely and as a result, the foundation last slightly longer on the skin. The end effect is different than when I use brushes: the foundation sits better and also doesn't look like I have put two pumps of foundation on. For this effect alone, I can see why people rave about this product. 
Additionally, if you have drier skin, dampening the sponge allows the foundation not to cling to dry patches, as the water from the sponge helps to lessen the appearance of dry and flaky skin and just makes the whole situation look a lot nicer. Another unique selling point for using a sponge is that it cleans a lot easier and quicker as you don't have to wait for it to dry. I hate it when I clean my brushes the night before and they are still slightly damp in the morning. Most likely, you are going to use the sponge damp so it doesn't matter!

In terms of what the RT sponge has to offer that the Beauty Blender does not, is that the RT sponge has a flat side. The flat side is what I mostly use - it really can get into all the crevices of your face and I know that if I do buy the beautyblender, I'll be slightly disappointed because it doesn't offer that. In regards to other downfalls of these sponges, I have to say the application time does take slightly longer, because you want to make sure everything is nice and even. Also if you dampen the sponge then it takes a tad longer for the foundation to dry, so I would keep that in mind. Additionally, like I said in the beginning, sponges eat up a lot more foundation than brushes. I find that I have to use more product to get the same coverage I would with a brush, and the ironic thing is that my skin looks more natural even when using more foundation with this sponge. There are ways to solve this, such as applying your foundation with a brush and then going over it with a damp RT sponge to make things look a bit more natural - I especially like to do this when I feel more lazy/trying to conserve my foundation! 

In the end is the RT sponge worth the hype? Definitely! It has changed my make-up game and for the price I think this should be a staple in everyone make-up bag. I know I'm totally late on this bandwagon but it's better late than never eh...
I would love to know if you use this sponge or the beautyblender and how you find them?

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Monday, 11 April 2016

3 nail polishes for the girl on the go...

We have all been there; you have an event coming up in the evening and your nail polish is chipped like you've been wearing it for a week when it's just been three days - what do you do? I hate those situations! You need a polish that looks worthy of coming out of salon,  that is quick in the application and also the drying time. Well, I have you sorted. I don't have one polish to share with you guys, but three! Take from this the colours that I usually go for in these situations and more importantly the formulations of the polishes themselves, because when the clock is ticking, you can't be playing around...

The Sephora Formula X polishes are awesome when you are in a hurry, gliding on smoothly which makes applying another layer of polish is ridiculously easy. You know when you are in a hurry and when applying another layer of polish you end up dragging the last layer a bit because you didn't have enough product on the brush? Just me? Well anyway, applying this product is just a piece of cake and very very fool proof! This is in the shade 'Brain Power' which is a lovely nude colour that will save you for any occasion! I would recommend this to anyone who has difficultly applying polish!

I never really got the hype around OPI, they aren't exactly the cheapest product. But when I got my hands on this product, I could see why people gravitate towards it. The formula is very thin, but in a good way because it dries in no time at all - I would say this is the best, out of these picks, for drying time. However, I don't think you could just work on one coat for this, it's not that pigmented. But even then two layers of polish would still be done in less than 5 minutes. So if you are really late to something, then I would suggest grabbing a bottle of OPI to get you through the day! The shade I have is a rouge pink colour - something that adds colour and femininity without going overboard!

This colour is for the special occasion evening. It's a deep red toned mahogany that just oozes class and confidence. It's the cheapest out of all three polishes, and is just an awesome polish for both nails and toenails. What I love about this polish is that it creates a gel effect on the nail, so it's thicker than the last two polishes but has the best finish because you are left with this glossy, pigmented shade in one coat. Despite being thick, this dries down quickly too and so you can rely on it - I love taking this one on holiday! I don't think you can go wrong with a dark colour for an occasion! 

These nail colours will work well for lots of skin colours and they also suit most occasions too! So it's a win-win situation, whether it's a meeting with your boss, shopping with the girls or having a night out, your nails can be in tip top condition!
I love Essie and BarryM as brands but I was really focusing more on the quick drying aspect and the polishes I gravitate towards when I'm in a rush! Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading my picks for the girl on the go, I would love to know what your top picks would be!

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