Wednesday, 27 May 2015

New Look Pure Colour Review

You may or may not know that New Look has a beauty range, so as you can imagine when I first spotted the beauty stall in my local store, I wasn't coming away with any clothing...

The first thing I spotted was the nail polishes, New Look have a nice range with different formulas and a good selection of colours to choose from (not as wide as the BarryM or Essie range but still a fair amount). I got the New Look Pure Colour Matte Nail Polish (£2.99/11.8ml) in the colour '03 Charcoal'. It isn't the most summery of choices but I really liked the shade! It's a dark grey colour with a violet undertone (looks more violet on camera). Since it's a matte formula it didn't take long to dry (two coats will take around 15 minutes to fully dry), what I really liked about this was that the matte wasn't too matte, it wasn't overly drying and felt smooth, I really did like the finished result. You do need two coats since the first coat is quite transparent but I like to do two coats with my nail polish anyway so it's no big deal. In terms of longevity, it's a standard nail polish, I got chips around the 3-4 day mark which is pretty normal for me. Overall, I was happy with what I got for the price, it's a fuss free nail polish and it came off with no staining too which is another plus!
One Coat of  '03 Charcoal'
Two Coats of  '03 Charcoal'
The second and last thing I got was the New Look Pure Colour Baked Eyeshadow (£3.99/2.5g) in the colour '22 Mid Brown'. I really recommend looking at these eyeshadows because even though they didn't have a huge range (only 5 shades) they were all very lovely shades and all wearable for the day or night. I've been meaning to find a replacement for Urban Decays 'Smog' because I'm running out of that shade, the baked eyeshadow that I purchased is a bit darker than Smog (but not as dark as Dark Horse by Urban Decay! it's a nice in-between colour) but it is just as lovely to wear in the crease or on the entire lid. It's also not as reflective as Smog itself but still contains a slight shimmer of gold but also bronze. It's a nice and smooth formula and really pigmented, the only bad thing (in my opinion) is that it creased on me, but this isn't unusual for powder eyeshadows in my case. So oily skinned people be sure to use a eye primer! Again with this product, I'm really happy with it, it's nice to know I have got a portable eyeshadow that can be used for any occasion. If you are into your brown shades then this is definitely worth a try! The packaging of products is also really classic, a black plastic casing that seems quite sturdy, and the cardboard case that it comes in is quite M.A.C like! Nice job New Look! For more information, click here

From left to right: Dark Horse (Urban Decay), 22 Mid Brown (New Look),
Smog (Urban Decay).
If you want some budget friendly beauty products, I really do think New Look has something to offer, even though I have tried only two things I was really impressed that the quality matched the price or was even better for the price offered (in the case of the baked eyeshadow). I saw that New Look did offer a concealer which catered to my skin-tone so maybe I should try that next?
Have you tried anything from the New Look Pure Colour range? If so, what did you think and what did you try? I would love to know :) 

Friday, 22 May 2015

My Trip to France! April 2015

So I recently went to France and took a massive amount of photos! I saw a lot of the attractions in the space of a week and it went by super fast! I went with my friend Angelica and it was so much fun!
I have to say just walking around Paris was amazing, but what I think is worth seeing is the Lourve, Disneyland (if you have never been before) and the Catacombs. I loved seeing everything else too but those three things really stood out for me and made my trip to Paris memorable!

The Notre Dame!

Inside the Notre Dame

Shakespeare and Company book shop!

Inside the Shakespeare and Company


Me and Angelica!

The Catacombs of Paris

The Lourve

The Mona Lisa

The ceiling inside the Lourve

Virgin of the Rocks
Napoleon's Dining Room

Venus de Milo

Musée d'Orsay

Van Gogh

 Starry Night Over the Rhone - Van Gogh

Eiffel Tower

Sacré Coeur


Arc de Triomphe

Nicolas Flamels House
Luxembourg Gardens



I do highly recommend seeing everything I have taken a picture of above! Along with the Picasso Museum (which is really nice and quaint) and if you like modern art then the Centre Pompidou is for you :) My trip involved too many Museums! 
Have you been to France? if so, where would you recommend? I would love to know! :) 
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