Sunday, 17 January 2016

Review: Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder

Since you guys all know how much of a beauty lover I am, I bet you could guess my reaction when I finally bought my first Chanel product. This thing has kept me happy for days, I swear it has it's own gravitational pull. I've been testing the Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder (£36.00/30g) in the shade 40 Doré for the past two weeks and I think it's time to share this with you all!

First of all, can we please all admire the packaging, I love the simplicity of Chanel, it just oozes sophistication with the monochrome logo. This product is quite sturdy and big, so it's more of a dressing table staple than an on the go touch up. The product has a sift, which is practical so all the product doesn't spill out at once and also contained a puff which is so so soft!

So the Chanel Natural Finish Powder is, like the name suggests, more of a natural finish powder but as it is a powder it does slightly mattify the skin. Although I have oily skin, I like the idea of a setting powder that won't interfere with the finish of my foundation, so this product is great for those who love dewy or satin finishes, as this won't excessively mattify the effect you were trying to create. This is more of a setting powder, rather than your mid-afternoon blot as it's a very fine powder, and it's so lovely to smooth over the skin, it just feels like silk and is so weightless that you forget that you've even applied it! I put a light dusting over my face with a fluffy brush as I prefer the ease of application when using a brush, the puff that comes with it is better for if you want to work the powder a bit more into your skin.
When this product has been applied,  I've noticed a slight evenness in my complexion, although this isn't a powder that provides a lot of coverage, it does add something, which makes you look a bit healthier and just more even. This sets my make-up nicely and for a light powder this is pretty good on the longevity front, I still need to blot, but I know that if I hadn't applied this product then I would be blotting more throughout the day. 
Even though Chanel Products are not exactly budget friendly, I think it is amazing quality for the price, this product contains 30 grams of powder, which is a lot! For reference bareMinerals Original and Matte foundations contains only 6g and they are £25.00. So for Chanel to be doing 5x more product for around £10 more, it's a very good steal! Plus I actually got this from World Duty Free so I actually paid £30.00. 
This is a product that I use on the daily, and that's exactly what I wanted from anything I bought from Chanel, something that was worth the money. I would seriously recommend this if you are looking for a new powder to set make-up with as this does do a lovely job, but I would also recommend this for those days where you don't wear much make-up since the colour-correcting aspect is very beneficial!
What's your go-to powder? I would love to know, so be sure to leave me a comment down below! Also any more recommendations from Chanel! I would love to explore more products!
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Review: bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balms

If I had to talk about what person I am in terms of make-up,  I would say I focus more heavily on eyes and my base. In terms of lips, I get...stuck. I try to find colours that suit me but most of the time it just goes dreadfully wrong, so I just end up wiping away my effort. Recently I tried bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm (£16/3.1g) and I realised where I was going wrong...

On first impression on applying, these bareMinerals Lip Oil-Balms apply evenly adding a sheer coat of colour with the leverage of being worked into more of a block colour, which is nice as you have a choice on how you would like to look. However, what really amazed me about this product is how comfortable it feels on your lips and I think part of that is due the ingredients: it  is enriched with passion fruit seed oil with vitamin E and so really delivers moisturisation front, feeling more like a lip balm treatment than a lipstick, which is honestly a feeling that I love, especially in winter time!
When you first apply it is has a normal glossy hydrating finish, but within the hour this begins to dry down into a beautiful stain. I love this because you can just forget you are wearing it and just go about your day knowing that it won't end up in your teeth! This product has great longevity when you compare it to how sheer it is! It lasts for a few hours and fades nicely.
The packaging is really cute, I love the design! I think this is really travel friendly as the product is encased in plastic and so it's lightweight but also the colourful packaging would make these really easy to find in the black-hole that is a women's purse!
Left to right: Nude Passion, Pink Passion and Plumberry Pop
I have three shades: Nude Passion, Pink Passion and Plumberry Pop, and surprisingly I love the actual colours more than the nude, which really can tell you how much these really do add something to your look. I think the colours look a bit strong in the packaging, but when applied on the lips these are all wearable shades, I prefer to wear them quite sheer because I'm still fairly new to lipsticks.
Nude Passion, I would describe as a baby pink nude, I think you can just slightly see that baby pink coming out on my swatch below, it's a lovely colour for everyday! Pink Passion has to be the one I was the most scared of applying, it looks really bright! However when I got the guts to apply this I found that this emulates and deepens a natural pink lip and I think this would suit many people! Plumberry Pop is a shade which is perfect for this type of year, I like that it is colourful without being too deep and when this reduces down into a stain it's really lovely also this shade is the most long lasting since it is a 'Pop' shade!

Left to right: Nude Passion, Pink Passion and Plumberry Pop.
I think this is perfect for beginners but also I just think this is great for anyone who wants to brighten up their look. If you need a lightweight, hydrating pop of colour then this is the product I would recommend, I think the price is worth it because I know this is something that I will get a lot of use from in all seasons, I don't think a moisturising lipstick will ever go out of use!
I would love to know what you guys think of this, and what lipsticks you tend to reach towards! Let me know in the comments down below!
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