Monday, 5 August 2019

Where to Spend: Makeup Edition

So recently I wrote about 'Where to Save: Makeup Edition' which showcases the products I believe you can get right without becoming bankrupt. Today, I'll be talking about the opposite - products that I do think are worth the money. Like the last post, I will outline a few of my favourites that I have tried and tested too.

Foundation is the base of any makeup look so it's important that it looks seamless on the skin. With high-end foundations, there are usually more shades, variations in both coverage and formulas so there will be a foundation for the most palest, driest skin, to the more darker, more oilier skin. With purchasing high-end foundations, comes testing in store which is an experience that can really sell the foundation to you. I'm sure most people have picked a foundation in the wrong shade, texture and longevity - so trying before you buy leads to a much more informed decision, which means you will more likely be happier with your purchase! I've stuck with the same foundation for around 4 years now and it's still as good as when I first bought it! 
- It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream (£31.00/32ml) 

Like foundation, it's important to have a good quality powder to set your makeup otherwise it can lead to a really cakey finish. Some high-end powders can initially seem like a bit much however I find that I don't tend to run out of powder quickly and so I'm happy to spend a bit more if it does last me longer. Also for products like this that I don't buy as regularly, the airport can really come in handy!
I tend to go more for translucent powders that I can use for baking and just setting my makeup. I've been using my Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder for the past few years and it's everything I look for in a powder, it sets my makeup without drying my skin out, blends into my skin seamlessly, and provides a really natural finish.
- Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder (£40.00/30g)
- Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (£30.00/29g)

With blusher, I think it's about getting the most for your money. You can keep powder products for two years and so if you had a go-to blusher that you used everyday, that was easy to blend, pigmented and lasted all day, then I think that's all you need! Again, the shade range in high-end brands tends to be better and as a person who has darker skin, it's really important to find shades that compliment my skin tone, so the more mauve, deeper shades rather than bubblegum pink that I tend to see on the high-street. 

- NARS Blush (£25.00/4.8g)
- M.A.C Mineralised Blush (£23.00/3.5g) 

A few years ago, this probably wouldn't have made the list because it wasn't on anyone's radar as much. Like blusher, a highlighter is something that will last you, as a little goes a long way and so with that in mind, spending more money on a highlighter makes more sense, as you can just buy one and chances are that it'll last you for more than a year. More luxury highlighters tend to be more finer in formula, looking less like chunks of glitter and more like a glow from within. Becca is renowned for their highlighters, and I wholly recommend getting their highlighters due to the their formulas, shade range and build-ability. They also come out with mini sets, so you don't have to splash out on a full-sized version. 

The first luxury make-up product that I spent money on was the super iconic Urban Decay Naked Palette. To this day, I still believe people own a palette like that. Good quality eyeshadow is important, as a person with super oily skin, I do find that more luxury brands do tend to last longer and also don't tend to crease as much. Palettes are also a great way to get more bang for your buck, rather than just buying singles. More premium shadows tend to blend better, have less fallout and tend to be more pigmented which means that you tend to use less product anyway!
- Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat (£18.20/6 shades)
- M.A.C Burgundy Times 9 (£26.00/9 shades)
- bareMinerals Bare Naturals Palette (£39.00/ 14 shades) - Not currently sold

That's my round up of all the products I think is worth spending a little bit more on. It's mostly due to the products generally lasting longer and due to the choices in shade ranges. I'm also of the mindset that I would rather spend more and know I will use it most days, then spend less and not use it all due to it not being 100% what I wanted. I would love to know what products are on your own lists, what do you tend to spend more money on and why?
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