Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Brand Focus: Revlon

So this is a post that I've been planning to do for a while. It started when I realised that I own a few Revlon items in my small collection - which actually took me a long time to notice. I feel like Revlon is a dark horse i because I feel like it's not really spoken about as much as others brand. Sooo I believe that it deserves to get a post, especially since Revlon is my go-to brand if I want something that performs well but at a good price :) 

Revlon Lash Curler (3.99)
I actually bought this in the United States a few months back. I really like this eyelash curler, it does the job and still looks as though it's never been used which is a plus! Although I wouldn't purchase again (due to my need to try everything in the shops) - I think if you are looking for an eyelash curler that works and will stay in mint condition and is cheap, buy this one!

Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks (£2.99)
This is seriously the product I would recommend to everyone who is looking for a single eye-shadow but wants it to perform. My absolute favourite colour was the matte dark brown one called 'Cocoa' - I think this colour should be in every woman's make-up bag because it is such a staple and the colour pay-off is amazing in this one shade. Although the other two colours don't perform as well as 'Cocoa' they are certainly build-able and so I am really impressed with these eye-shadows as a whole. I bought the green one 'Khaki' because I think it will look lovely in summer and the purple one 'Plum' because purple suits brown eyes :) 

Revlon PhotoReady Makeup (£12.99)
This foundation is something different, it claims to make your skin look good in any light, it gives your skin good coverage and it has SPF. I can say that I do
really like this foundation, it gives medium to full coverage in my opinion and it apply's really smoothly. I think the packaging is really nice, I love the pump - I find it weird when foundations don't have a pump. The thing I find really odd about this product (and this is probably why it claims to work) is that it has small amount of shimmer in there. You are probably thinking why I like it if it has glitter in it :P but I can assure you that it isn't detectable. In fact I didn't notice it until I saw my hand and rubbed the excess off (I pump the foundation to my hand and then apply it with a brush). But the shimmer probably helps the light to reflect off your face better giving you a more airbrushed look. I really like the fact that this foundation has SPF in it - since most people forget to protect their face, it just makes it a whole lot easier. Plus this product is oil-free so is perfect for oilier skins types like meee -  I think this foundation is definitely worth a try! 

Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious (£9.99)
I mentioned this product in my April Favourites and I still think it's an awesome product. It's waterproof which is great for summer, holds a curl and make your eyelashes look super black which I like :) I think this is just a great mascara to try since it does everything that I want :)

Revlon ColourStay Concealer (£6.99)
First of all, I love the idea of 'ColourStay' in itself - because really, that's what we all want :) I love love love this concealer! I have repurchased it for the second time because I genuinely don't think I can find one like this for my skin tone in the high-street. I have this love for Revlon because they cater for so many skin types and tones which I think is so important. My shade is 06 Deep Fonce, which is the darkest shade they do (which could be improved because i'm not that dark) but still is better than most others. The consistency of the product is nice, it glides over any blemishes and is easy to blend in. Just an all round great product - especially for the price :)

 Revlon Multi Care Base and Top Coat (£6.49)
This product was mentioned in my April Favourites (I have it on right now), which is proof that it's an amazing product. Seriously, I didn't know how vital a base coat was until I tried this, I haven't experienced any yellowing since I have had it which just shows how much of a difference a base coat can make. And honestly, who doesn't like a multi-purpose product eh? 

So these were sorta my picks that I have been enjoying from Revlon and a mini review about them all too :) I hope that you guys try some of their stuff because it seriously is good :) The base coat, concealer and eye-shadows are my absolute top picks from the lot because they are repurchase-worthy :) I hope that you enjoyed this post, comment below telling me which brand is your favourite :)
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Anjna x


Saturday, 24 May 2014

Lush: Exfoliating Favourites

So I have to say that I am kinda a new customer of Lush, I have never bought anything from there until a couple of months ago - I know, crazy right? Here is a warning to those who were like me: Once you go in - you will always go back :P I did find Lush a little intimidating - there is just so much stuff! so much choice and so it's an overwhelming experience if you don't know what you are going in for. That's why today I wanted to write about my favourite Lush products - specifically body scrubs, so if you are in need of a new body scrub then hopefully this post will be able to help you out  :) 

1) Sugar Scrub (£2.95) 
This was actually the first product I had purchased from Lush :D and I think the fact that I've repurchased it probably says a lot. What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say Lush? For me it's the smell of the shop and just like the shop this product smells sooo good. It contains Fennel and Ginger which is a really interesting combination, it smells good without being overpowering and after you use it your bathroom will smell super awesome too! This is the 'harshest' of the scrubs that I am going to mention - because of the fact that this product is actually made of sugar. Honestly, I really like this scrub because it exfoliates, it really is as simple as that. I absolutely hate it when I want a decent scrub but the particles are so tiny that it doesn't even do anything. This product actually came with more surprises than I had imagined - once I had scrubbed my skin and rinsed it off - my skin was already moisturised! I was literally so shocked and so impressed. This sugar scrub also contains lavender oil which calms your skin after all that scrubbing and leaves your skin so smooth and soft that you won't even feel the need of adding any lotions after the shower. For the price - this product is definitely worth it. When I repurchased it the sales assistant said that it's a really good foot scrub too sooo it's a multi-purpose product :) What more could we want eh??

2) Ocean Salt: Face and Body Scrub (£13.25/ 250g) 
I think you guys know that throughout this post I'm gonna talk about how amazing these all smell :P The lime in this product smells so good, and mixed with the avocado butter it's simply divine. I always sniff this before I use it - It does kinda smell like the ocean, just a nice fresh smell - perfect for the mornings :) The thing I love about this product is that it contains actual bits of sea salt and so it scrubs your skin but because the particles are way bigger - it's not as harsh as the sugar scrub and so perfect for the face. This has more of a creamy texture to it and so it is so softening and just an all round great product. I like the fact that this is a dual purpose product, it's really convenient and a good choice to go for if your skin is a bit more sensitive :) I should also mention that they do a smaller 120g tub for £7.25 which is good if you want to try it but not commit fully :) 

3) Sandstone Soap (£3.40/100g)
Okay so this one is kinda pushing it a little since it is a soap buuut it does contain sand which is so cool, and so does exfoliate. What attracted me to this product was the smell (surprisingly :P ) - I actually loved this scent more than all the other soaps (yes I did smell them all) - it smells like lemon but just so much more better! Like the other two products the whole bathroom will smell of this scent which I looove :) This product, like I mentioned hastily before, contains particles of sand which I think is such an awesome idea for everyday use. I think this will be awesome if your skin is super sensitive - It scrubs really nicely if you massage it into your body. I just love the fact that i can use this everyday without feeling like I am doing too much to my skin - it really is a nice balance. I would recommend this if you are looking for a multi-purpose soap - I mean it smells good, it exfoliates and cleans your body - what more could you want? :)

So those three were the scrubs that I would definitely recommend to you guys to try, depending on the sensitivity of your skin and what you actually want the scrub for :) I hope you guys enjoy these products as much as I have done! Leave a comment telling me your favourite scrub or even your favourite Lush product  - since there is sooo much to try! :)
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna x


Monday, 19 May 2014

Review: Tresemmé 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque

Hey :) 
So today I wanted to review Tresemmé 7 Day Smooth System Shampoo and Deep Treatment Masque since I've been trying it out for while and I wanted you guys to know my first impression :)

This shampoo in itself is really nice - smells just as good as any other Tresemmé shampoo which I looove. I can honestly say that this product delivers the smoothness that it claims (more like 2/3 days rather than the 7 that it claims but that's fine by me), you can notice instantly that something has changed in your hair. My hair personally looked smoother, healthier and just all round awesome, I noticed that even blow-drying my hair haphazardly it was still nice and smooth. It makes my hair feel clean and soft without feeling greasy so this is doing something special to my hair. 
I think this product would be awesome if your hair tends to get frizzy - especially in the summer with all the humidity :) and I do think it is worth the money. I will say however that I didn't like this product when I first got it because when I curled my hair that day it dropped out within an hour or two. So this is going to be a product which I will use occasionally but if I know I want to curl my hair I won't use it. It kinda sucks because I like being spontaneous when it comes to my hair but it is something you can work around. I think it is still worth the buy since I know it will make my hair look awesome when I am in a rush or going somewhere special :)

Deep Treatment Masque
I love these kinds of products. In general they just make your hair feel so soft! (I'm feeling the ends of my hair now and they feel so soft!). I think everyone needs to invest in these kinds of conditioners  - I actually prefer these to the normal conditioners they sell since they just seem to do a lot more. Pair the Deep Treatment Masque with any shampoo and you'll get fabulous results anyway :) I use this product twice a week in place of a conditioner and mainly work it into my ends so they stay soft and damage free and it is doing a good job so far :) I have absolutely no issue with this product - I think that its just a standard deep hair conditioner that does the job. I would invest in this if you are looking for a change perhaps or just wanted to try something that works nicely :) 

This is for the girls (or guys) whose hair gets greasy waay faster than other people (like me). Basically if you condition your hair first and then shampoo it then your hair is noticeable softer and cleaner. I think this works because the conditioner will make your hair softer but shampooing after will clean your hair of any residue - making your hair be grease-free for longer! Honestly you could even do this with the two products I've just reviewed (I used this tip today) and you can notice a massive difference. However I don't think this works if you have drier hair since shampooing last will rid your hair of the moisture the conditioner provided.
I got this tip from Tati from GlamLifeGuru on YouTube and it works so well that I just had to share!

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Comment below telling me what your favourite hair products are :)
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Anjna xx


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Review: Clinique take the day off make up remover.

Today  I am going to be reviewing the Clinique take the day off make up remover for lids, lashes and lips :) Luckily I got this as a free gift for buying some other Clinique products (that's why its only 30ml)  so I was excited to use it. It usually retails for £17.00 for 125ml.  This product has some good and bad points in my book - I'll break it down for you.

Good points
1) It can remove practically all eye make up in a swipe, there is no need to rub it viciously with your cotton wool - it does all the hard work. (I still go over it a couples of times to make sure all traces of my waterproof mascara is gone). 
2) You need a minimal amount - literally. Since this product is oil based it doesn't need to be applied again to take your make up off because it's oil and so it does so much with so little.
3) It's moisturising on the eyes and lips because of it's oil properties which is awesome because it doesn't strip the skin or even dry it out which I think is important factor.
4) It's great for sensitive skin - Clinique in general are good for people with sensitive skin, but this product is especially good since eyes have to be dealt with in the most careful way possible since it's such a delicate area. So this product a Godsend for both everyday use and for nights out. 
5) The cap on the product is really secure - it's like one of those medicine bottles which you have to press down and then twist to open it - so this would be greaaat for travelling. 

Bad points

1) Since it's an oil, it can appear to be greasy - I am not a huge fan of the feeling but honestly, with all the good points the oil actually does, it doesn't bother me as much. I wash my face straight after I use it so my eyelids don't feel heavy and greasy.
2) I have a huuuuge issue with the bottle, it is just...a massive hole. This means that you have to pour it out. Yes you heard me. POUR IT OUT. We have all witnessed first-hand the task of pouring oil into a pan. It just never goes right - you end up pouring too much and so you waste the product. Plus if I were to accidentally knock it over practically all the content in the bottle would be gone.

Overall, I think this is an awesome product to have since it's so quick and easy to use that you'll save a lot of time and effort. Also a minimal amount is needed so it's not like this product is going to run out quickly especially for the price you pay for it (unless you do happen to spill it). I think this would be a really good buy if only they changed the packaging and would be worth 5 stars but for now 4 stars is what I think it deserves :)

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Comment telling me what you think of this product or what you use to remove make up :)
Thanks for reading,
Anjna x


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Skincare Saviours for Blemishes

Heey :)
So seeing as my last post was about my haircare saviour, I thought I would do one for skincare too since I have found some awesome things to help my skin be its best! I have oily skin and so battling against blemishes has been no stranger to me.  On to the recommendations.... :)

1) Clinique acne solutions all-over clearing treatment. (£18.50 by itself, I got mine with the 3 step Acne Kit).
This product has got to be one of my favourite moisturisers (Clinique in general just nail it when it come to moisturisers!). It honestly feels like a second skin when you apply it, which is awesome because it feels like it's not even there because it is so light and it's not greasy. I have had this product for around 8 months and I use it sparingly when I feel like my skin needs some help overnight and it honestly helps to control the problem. Let's just say I should probably buy another one since this one is on the verge of being finished - I think that's the best indicator to know if something has worked well :)

2) Michael Todd True Organics - Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask. ($34.00).
I heard a lot of YouTubers raving about Michael Todd and so I thought I would try one of their regimen kits for oily/acne prone skin, although I wasn't that amazed by the whole kit, I really do love this mask. I use it once a week and my skin feels so clean and just so soft after. I also use it as a overnight spot treatment and it works because it dries the area so my blemish is visibly reduced by the next day. I only do this for one night because it is more of a short term solution than a long term one. The only downfall is that this product smells weird, I didn't like the smell when I first got it but now it reminds me a bit of Dettol :P

3) The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash (£5.00).
There is going to be a reoccurring theme in the next three products since they all contain Tea Tree :) This product is a new find for me, I purchased it when my skin was freaking out and within three days I noticed a difference in my skin. Tea Tree is awesome for calming down skin and because it's a face wash, you know that just by using this product twice a day you are doing something so simple to prevent future breakouts. The bottle is quite big too and so you are definitely getting your moneys worth with this product.

4) Lush - Tea Tree Water Toner Water (£3.95).
This is also a new find for me, I wanted a toner which would help my skin as well as tone it. I use the L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purify Micellar Solution to take off my make up before washing my face and then use the facial wash I mentioned above. However I didn't want to use the L'Oreal one to tone my face after as I felt that it would take away the Tea Tree I had just put on my face and so that's why I bought this product. I do really like this product as it is helping my skin in the way that I intended it too. I mentioned at the start that I have oily skin and I think Tea Tree in general dries my skin out which is an aspect that I reeeally like :) The bottle is really cute and the fact they do two sizes means that you can try it without committing to it. 

5) Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes (£2.99).
I discovered this product when I went to Amsterdam last August, doing good skincare while travelling is pretty hard and so this product claimed to cleanse and tone and so I was immediately drawn in. I have never tried Witch products but mannnn this stuff is so good I can't even express it properly. I used this for 6 days straight in Amsterdam and my skin didn't break out once - my skin was perfect, it's crazy I know. I always keep myself topped up with this product because honestly it is that amazing, I use this occasionally to help my skin. I also use this on lazy days because I know it will work wonders on my skin which to me is a win-win situation. I feel like no other brand will impress me as much as this one product has done. Seriously - buy it. :P

That's it for now with my skincare saviours, I'm sure there will be a whole lot more in the future :) Comment below telling me what your skincare saviours are, and what you can't live without :)
Thanks for reading,
Anjna x


Sunday, 4 May 2014

My Hair Saviour - Dry shampoo

Hey :) 
So this post is kinda spontaneous and it came about because I was thinking about the one thing that I can't live without any more (beauty-wise :P). I have to say that I used to be one of those people who would wash their hair every single day because it used to get greasy by the end of the day or overnight. I didn't think it mattered that much since I like to shower in the morning anyway (because it wakes me up) but I have to say that I did used to miss out on more important things (like sleep LMFAO). Jokes aside, I absolutely love this product and it isssss the Batiste Dry Shampoo specifically the dark and deep brown one :) 
I've always been sceptical about dry shampoo, I mean you always hear the good side and the negative and I didn't know if it was going to work at all. I can tell you all now that I am not going to allow myself to run out of this product, it seriously has changed my life that much.
I have dark brown hair and so I really do appreciate the fact that this has a hint of colour and although I sometimes do see a bit of the colour - it doesn't bother me, I run my hands through it and that seems to do the trick for me. I only need to apply it once a day and it will last the entire day for me, although sometimes I do apply it again if I am going out later in the day just because that's me being self concious but honestly you don't need to even do that. Another hit for this product is that it seriously adds volume to your hair which I like because my second day hair is lifeless and so I feel like this product is a Godsend and I really am kicking myself for not picking it up earlier. It's really weird how this one bottle can make such a difference in my life. 
So to anyone who had any doubts - I would definitely buy this product and dry shampoo in general :) 

This picture is my second day hair at the end of the day :)
What is your beauty saviour? Comment down below :) 
Thanks for reading,
Anjna x

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