Monday, 27 March 2017

The Primer Edit

I remember when I discovered primers, I didn't really know what difference it really made to my routine, no they are an absolute staple in my collection. However finding the right primer can be a game changer if you find the one that battles your personal skincare or makeup concern. I'm going to review 5 primers, which are similar and different at the same time! My main concern is oily skin and also large pores, so most of these primers target this skin concern!

The L'Oréal Paris Infallible Mattifying Primer (£7.99/30ml) is great value for money, this primer has just finished after a year of use. So in terms of longevity, this was an amazing purchase. This is a silicone based primer, that aims to smooth out skin texture, however it leaves the skin with a slippy texture. It's matte without drying the skin out, so it's also a nice one if you suffer from dry skin too, because it doesn't emphasise any dry flakes! 

The Make Up Forever Step One Mattifying Primer (£13.00/15ml) was a slow burner for me. I didn't understand why everyone loved this because it just sucked up all the moisture from my skin. It has a silicone texture that's lighter on the skin than the L'Oréal primer, so did even out skin-texture without being too heavy. I eventually learned that if I applied this while my skin was oily, this product would clear it up in a second. As I usually apply my make-up straight after my skincare, my skin wasn't oily and so I found this drying. But if my skin was oily then this product was a god-send. So if you guys do get oily at the blink of an eye, or if you like to let your skin-care set before you do your make-up then this is the primer for you. This primer is the definition of matte so bear that in mind. I have the travel version which is the perfect size to test it out! 

Lancôme La Base Pro Primer (£28.50/25ml) is like the L'Oréal primer in that it's silicone in texture, however it's lighter in texture and smooths out the skin without feeling slippy, and leave the skin with a semi-matte finish. I find that I don't need to use too much of this product, because it blends out so much. I have the sample size and I have been enjoying using this and it's on its last legs. This size lasted me a good two weeks, which is pretty impressive. The original La Base Pro comes in a pump applicator which is awesome for getting the correct amount of product out. 

The Benefit POREfessional Primer (£26.00/22ml) is a cult favourite, and I love this too. I like that it is beige in consistency, as it looks as though it is really filling your pores. It's a silicone consistency, that is also smoothing on the skin and is easy to blend out. This also leaves the skin with a semi-matte finish. This product and the Lancôme Primer  are very similar, the difference is the colour of the product and the applicator. 

The only primer in this edit that doesn't fit the pattern of what I normally look for in a primer is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter (£32.00/30ml). This primer is like good healthy radiant skin in a bottle. This primer is just amazing. I think it's a product every girl needs. It's my go-to on special occasions, and I will apply this on top of a silicone primer, so that I've got perfected skin texture, and this just adds the perfect healthy glow. Seriously. This product just makes you look like you are the poster girl for healthy, glowing skin. It's not too glowy that it makes my oily skin look worse, it literally adds radiance in a subtle, natural way. I reserve this for special occasions, since it's only a sample size. But I think once it runs out, I will need to go ahead and purchase the full size version. It's expensive, and I was lucky to sample it but a little goes a long way and the result it gives is worth the price! 

In terms of longevity of all the primers mentioned, I've found that my skin doesn't really differentiate between the primers, whether they are high street or high end. Another thing I wanted to mention was to look for how much product you will be getting for your money, I always write down the price and the amount of product you will be getting for that price. Although I do like investing in a primer, I don't think it's completely necessary, ut because it lasts me so long I like to make sure I am using one that I love!
What primers do you use? Have you tried any that I have mentioned here? If so, I would love to hear your opinion. 

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Vichy Idéalia Skincare

Is it just me or when one thing runs out in my collection, another ten follows suit. My Sunday Riley Luna Oil was on it's last legs and so I needed something that would help my skin while I slept. Funnily enough, I also needed a moisturiser and an eye- cream and Vichy delivered on all of these things.

I've never tried anything from Vichy, I had heard good things and I loved that it was a French pharmacy product, as I find that my skin responds well to these kinds of products. I bought the Vichy Idéalia range which is aimed to revitalise dull and tired skin to achieve a more even and brightened complexion. 

The Vichy Idéalia Smoothing and illuminating Cream  (£25.00/50ml) is my go-to moisturiser, and has been for the last two months, I find that it does add radiance to my skin, and is able to fully moisturise it, getting rid of the sensation of dry and tight skin. I find that it's easy to blend out, and you can feel that it does contain a nice amount of hydrating ingredients, as it's a hybrid between a gel and cream. Because of the unique texture, I feel like this would be a nice product for the majority of skin-types. I also love the packaging of the product, it is encased in a light pink jar, which is weighty. The top of the lid has also got a a mirror which is super cool and completely unexpected. Due to the weight and size of the product, this is hard to travel with compared to other products. I still do travel with it so it's not completely impossible!

The Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep (£26.50/50ml)  is a product from Vichy that has received a bit more hype. The Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep is a product that aims to restore the health of skin overnight. It's one of those products which just work miracles overnight, I can't tell you exactly what it does but it has enough of an effect that I have to use it everyday. I just find that my skin looks healthier and more balanced in the morning, and blemishes I have look calmer and more controlled. In terms of lasting effects, I find that this product has more of an effect than the moisturiser, which isn't surprising. Also, despite having oily skin, my skin really drinks up these products from Vichy, and I have found that my skin texture has improved because of this. I have a mini size since I bought the three products in a Christmas set.

The last product I have from Vichy is the Vichy Idéalia Eyes (£23.00/15ml). I'm only 21 so I don't really need to target wrinkles or fine lines around my eyes. However, I work shifts and that entails some really early mornings and sometimes not enough hours to sleep between shifts. So I really wanted to start protecting my eye area, as dealing with wrinkles and dark circles work more effectively when you start your regime before it's actually happened - in other words I am using a more preventative solution. I just needed an eye-cream that was hydrating and soothing, just to help reinforce the thinner skin around my eyes, and this Vichy eye-cream is exactly what I needed. It's a cream to gel-like consistency that doesn't feel heavy around my eyes, and sits perfectly under concealer, so I can use this for morning and night! I also like the packaging for this, it comes in a squeezy tube which is difficult to squeeze the product out, but that's exactly why I like it, I don't get an excess of products, I can always manage to squeeze out the exact amount I need. It also has a silicone applicator which I can always manage to keep clean too.

Despite not trying Vichy before, I am a total convert. I feel like this brand understands my skin, the products sooth any irritation, deals with blemishes and also just adds radiance when my skin isn't in its best condition. I just feel like I am actually targeting the needs and concerns that I feel like my skin has, which just feels amazing. It's just everything when you find products that your skin agrees with!
I would love to know if you have tried this range, or even Vichy in general! If there are products that you think I would like, then be sure to comment down below to let me know! I would also love to know what skincare brand you think your skin agrees with!
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