Thursday, 24 April 2014

My Top 5 Nail Colours for Spring

Heey everyone :) So today i wanted to share my top 5 nail polish colours for Spring. This Spring i am mixing it up a little (which you will see down below). There isn't really a theme going on however most of the colours are kinda muted and so will look awesome no matter what you are wearing, especially since Spring and Summer means brighter coloured clothes! Anywaaaay enough with the rambling and on to the coloursss :) 

From Left to right: So Much Fawn, Chinchilly, Sew Psyched, Duchess
and Hide & go chic

1) So Much Fawn by Sally Hansen (£6.99)
This is my first time actually buying a Sally Hansen nail polish, the colour of this nail polish was the exact shade i have been looking for these past few months. I wanted to find the perfect pink shade for my skin tone. I think that this is it (for now - the search will never end :P ). A pink is a must have in any season but will look wonderful this Spring and Summer. Although this looks wonderful on pale skin too, i believe a tan would make you appreciate it even more :) The nail polish brush on this colour is masssive which makes painting your nails a piece of cake.

2) Chinchilly by Essie (£7.99)
I feel like most people are looking at this grey and thinking...that's so dull. BUT, i can assure you this was picked simply because grey matches with practically every colour and so i think this is absolute must have. I mean, think of all the colours you will wear - pinks, blues, greens, purples etc. I can tell you that Chinchilly by Essie will complement all of those and you will never regret buying it. 

3) Sew psyched by Essie (£7.99)
As soon as i saw this colour i was drawn to it. There is something so wonderful about this colour, i have never seen anything like it before and so i had to have it. I think this will be awesome for Spring as it is something which deviates from the norm as this is a lovely olive shade (with a really subtle sparkle). The muted colour makes this a wearable colour for any occasion. The formula of all the Essie nail polish's are amazing they last a good amount of time, they go on super easy and they dry pretty quick too. 

4) Duchess by BarryM (£3.99)
I don't actually own this colour, this is actually my flatmates nail polish which i randomly tried one day (and still continue hog). Oh my gosh i feel like if i had to wear a colour for the rest of my life this would be it. This would be perfect for Spring as it is like a sparkling ancient pink (bordering on nude for me) colour which will look so nice with anything you will be wearing. Although I'm not a fan of textured nail polishes, it actually works for this colour making the sparkles look 3D. Another benefit is that textured nail polishes don't chip as fast sooo it's an all round awesome nail polish.

5) Hide & go chic by Essie (£7.99)
This Essie polish was actually released this Spring and so i was keeping my eye out for it. The colour of this nail polish is beautiful - it will compliment every skin tone. It is the perfect medium from not being too bright nor too dark. This is the colour i would wear if i wanted to make a bold statement with my nails. Although i put on two coats of this polish in the photo - it certainly isn't needed as it is so pigmented. This was certainly my favourite out of the entire Essie Spring Collection 2014.

Soooo, these are my Top 5 Sping nail polishes :) I hope you like them as much as me. Be sure to leave a comment telling me what colours you are wearing on your nails this Spring :) 

I thought i would add one last picture because it's so pretty.
Thanks for reading :) 
Anjna xxx


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