Saturday, 11 April 2015

Staple Pieces: River Island

Hey guys!
So today I wanted to share two of the items I have been loving from River Island. I absolutely love jewellery and always have staples pieces for a period of time rather than mixing and matching all the time. I feel like River Island has just been on point with their releases recently, I find myself loving everything - from their necklaces to their earrings to their rings, which for me is uncommon - I'm usually one of those people who can never find anything. Let me show you what I got!

The first thing I purchased was these midi rings! I love midi rings, I feel like they can look both casual and elegant at the same time, I got them in gold because I already have a gold ring which I wear all the time so wearing these both won't clash. What I love about these is that you can wear them separately or together. I feel like wearing both stacked together makes more of a statement so depending on the occasion I will mix this up. For £3 for both it was such a good deal I couldn't not buy them! If you want to take a look at them on the website then see here.

The next thing I purchased was some ear cuffs, for the past few months I have been hunting down the perfect pair, and when River Island had these in store again I couldn't help myself. I like that they gave you two again, one is slightly bigger but they are both adjustable, for £3 again I can't complain. I have been loving wearing ear cuffs with certain outfits, I feel like they make my style look more edgy, they add something...badass that I can't get from any other pieces I wear. If I want to go all out I wear two on the same ear, like in the picture below (flyaways are my enemy). But again it's all about how it meshes with the outfit. See here for link to website.

I really wanted to show you guys these two pieces because I have become absolutely obsessed with them both! I think it's because the colour of the gold doesn't look totally fake, and I could notice that as soon as I wore them. My mom actually believed that I got my ears pierced again!
I hope you have enjoyed my two picks :) Is there any jewellery that you have been loving?
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