Sunday, 3 May 2015

Review: Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimiser

A few days before I went to Paris, I headed to Boots to grab a new cleanser because unsurprisingly I ran out of my previous cleanser which was Dark Angels by Lush (isn't it always the way that you run out of everything important before you go somewhere?). I needed something travel friendly for the upcoming trip and this is what I found....

Bioré is a brand that I have heard of before, they are well known for their blackhead strips (which I need to get my hands on) and so when I saw the Charcoal Pore Minimiser (£5.99/92ml) I was definitely intrigued. I mean it looks like a toothpaste tube which is really cool, and also seemed really travel friendly (it's under 100ml!) and the lid was pretty secure too (liquids leaking is my worst nightmare!). I really love how you can see the product emptying as you use it so for me already the packing itself was already a win with me...

When I tried this I was impressed, firstly you really only need a pea sized amount (really, I totally over loaded on my first try) and when you massage it in it lathered up and you can feel tiny bits exfoliating but it was very very subtle. When you wash it off you get a clean feeling face with no feeling of squeakiness (which is good because you don't want all the oils to stripped!). I think this is great for oily skinned folks because it just tightens pores that tiny bit and cleans the face properly. It has a gel like consistency which I like because you can feel that it's cleaning on a slightly deeper level. I think this would be fine for dry skin too but you would need to moisturise a bit more for sure. 

This is a product that I use after taking my make-up off, so it's great for a morning cleanse and cleansing after make-up has been removed properly. I think this would be great for men too, it just does the job: cleans, tightens pores and smells great. I've used this for just under a month and I've got around half left which is pretty standard to me, so I'm super happy with this product and I would fully recommend this. So if you think you fit the bill and are looking for something new to try - give this a go :) 

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