Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Best Winter Eyeshadow Palette: M.A.C Burgundy Times Nine

I made a new purchase a few months ago and it's completely astounded me how I failed to mention it on my blog, because I have been using it like crazy! 
I honestly think this palette is the one to get this season because it's just got a little more edge over other eye-shadow palettes out there...

M.A.C's Burgundy Times Nine (£30.00/0.8g), is the winter palette that beats them all in my opinion. The packaging is standard M.A.C: simple black plastic that encases nine small eye-shadows, it's sturdy but sleek and also has a magnetic strip, so that the eye-shadow is protected.
The reason I was drawn to this is because I think it's very good value, you get nine shadows which equates to just over £3 each and you do get a decent amount of product. I have never actually finished a full size eye-shadow before and so I think having these mini ones is just really convenient as it really lets me test out some novel eye-shadow colours that haven't been hyped about so that I can really just discover and explore.
M.A.C do four of these little palettes and I was torn between this one and the Amber Times Nine, which is more brown and gold oriented. What urged me towards this one was that it actually does contain a gold and also a brown, so I figured this would be the best of both worlds. I have to say the colours in here are the perfect balance, the matte and satin finishes are perfect for everyday wear, but you also have the more shimmery and 'out-there' colours to deepen your look for evening wear.

The quality and pigment of these shadows are great too! They are super smooth and don't require much product to get an opaque layer of shadow on your lids and they blend out amazingly, especially the mattes. 
My new favourite daytime eye-shadow is Haux, it's a nude beige-purple colour which is great for all over the lid and because I have brown eyes, this really makes my eyes stand out and look a little brighter. If I feel like adding a bit more 'oomph' to my look, I'll add either Embark or Sketch to the outer corner of my lid. I know I would have never chosen this colour as a singular eye-shadow because I would get drawn to the more ostentatious colours, but I will purchase a full-size of Haux, If I ever finish this!
This is my go-to palette for everything at the moment, but it's especially handy if I am travelling as this takes no space, and makes my Urban Decay Naked Palette look a bit bulky, and too much for if I am just going home for the weekend! All in all, great palette for yourself or even as a gift for people who want to ease into wearing a bit more colour on their lids!

What do you think of this palette? I would also love to know what you are reaching for this season, so leave me a comment down below!
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  1. I have this palette and love it! I haven't dived into Star Violet yet.

    1. It is amazing! It's just so versatile! Star Violet and #Noir I think are the hardest two to wear, but I am trying to incorporate them a little more!

  2. Replies
    1. They are lovely! I still wear this now! haha


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