Friday, 1 July 2016

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil - Worth the Splurge?

So about a month ago I got my hands on the very pricey Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil (£85.00, 50ml), and I've avoided sharing my thoughts on my blog because it's a product that I really did want to put to the test for a good amount of time so that I was positively sure of the verdict. So keep reading to find out my thoughts and whether it was worth the splurge...

The Product

The Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil has been out on the market for around a year now and it is a oil based retinol product. It's predominant ingredients include cold-pressed organic oils such as Avocado and Blue Tansy. Since this product contains retinol it aims to improve skin texture and firmness over time. Retinol increases the speed of cell turnover in the skin and that's how improvements can be seen in a shorter period of time.

The Application

When I first got my hands on this product I was so excited to use it. I suffer from uneven skin texture and that's something I have been trying to steadily improve. So after that night's skincare I applied 3 drop's of the Luna Oil into my hand, and pressed it into my skin. The next day I woke up and I was really disappointed, I didn't really notice much difference from the night before. After 3 days of this, I changed my application method, deciding to massage the oil into my skin rather than pressing it in. That's when I saw a noticeable difference - my skin felt firmer the next day and just looked better. So I would recommend massaging this oil into the skin!
Additionally, it was a bit disconcerting putting a blue oil on my face however once I massaged it in it wasn't noticeable, and neither were my sheets stained. Another thing that I was surprised about was the smell, it's not the most pleasant scent, smelling slightly herbal however once applied you tend noto to notice the smell!

The Results
Looking at my skin now, the texture has definitely improved in terms of smoothness - it's not back to normal though, but seems to be on the right track and this is only after 1 month. So I'm impressed that I can actually see a prominent difference. Another difference I can see is in the evenness of my skin-tone, and so the hyper-pigmentation left over from previous blemishes have become more faded. After one month, my skin looks better than it had before the use of this product, and so everything I had wanted from this product, it had been delivered.

The Verdict
If you have problems with skin texture then this is the product to buy to help with that issue. I would 100% recommend it to anyone suffering with bad skin texture. For hyper-pigmentation issues, there are cheaper products in the market targeted towards that and so I wouldn't necessarily buy this to combat that issue in particular. However, if you are like me and suffer from both hyper-pigmentation and also uneven skin texture then this product helps to improve both of these issues and is well worth the investment.
For the every day woman, who perhaps does not have these issues, I don't know whether I would buy this - why fix something that isn't broken you know. It will help everyone to have slightly more refined, firmer skin, but it depends if you are someone who is willing to pay £85 on a product like this. This product works for me, but then again, I have issues that make it more noticeable for changes to be seen. I think if I had 'normal' skin, I would probably stick to products like Kiehl's Midnight Recovery, that just aim to improve and replenish the skin, and so I wouldn't recommend the Luna Oil if you don't suffer from any textural or ageing issues.

I would love to know if you guys have tried this or want to try it? Be sure to comment below! Also I have brand new content coming up so if you enjoyed this post, then be sure to subscribe on Bloglovin'



  1. Hi Anjna! I have seen this product all over Instagram and I never thought it could be good for me, as I've always seen retinols as something used by older people than me. I've slowly changed my mind now, after reading some posts here and there and I would like to start incorporating a retinol serum into my routine. This one is very expensive and I may give it a try in the long term future. I know some people who loved it and others who didn't. I'm sure it would help with my skin and acne scars on my cheeks, I'm glad to know it has made a difference on you. Now, after a month, do you still like it and use it?


    1. Hey Silvia, so it's actually been around 2-3 months that I have been using this. So as I said in the post, I purchased this primarily because I suffer from skin texture issues and I always have some bout of acne scarring. I am still loving this more and more every day. It just continues to impress me, my skin is refined and just feels one step closer to what it was before. I still use this every single night and I know I will continue to do so until the bottle is empty. As for your skin, if acne scarring is the main issue then I don't know if you need to jump onto the retinol bandwagon you know? I would recommend you try Kiehl's midnight recovery as that helped a lot with my acne scars. Also perhaps you should try using glycolic acid, I use the pre-soaked one from Nip+Fab and they've also helped me a lot. I use a lot of things in conjunction with each other, all to help me have more refined, even toned skin. Let me know if you want more information! :)


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