Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Two products for softer, more manageable hair...

I'm quite a boring beauty blogger, I love to try new things but as soon as I find something great, I tend to stop my search. That's what has happened to my hair, I was using the same things that tended to work well, until they just stopped performing. So I wanted to share new one product that I have completely fallen head over heels with and another that I have had in my collection for over two years and I still love it.

My latest find is the TREsemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil (£7.69/50ml). I have hair that is more straight than wavy, that I blow dry on a daily basis. I recently noticed that my hair was generally getting a bit more frizzier in texture. I went on a hunt for something that would make my hair smoother and condition it back to the texture that it was and this product is the one.

I use it on wet hair and I use two pumps for my whole hair. I normally warm up the product in my hands before applying it to the mid-lengths to ends of my hair. I then brush my hair though and begin my styling routine. This product feels like a hybrid between an oil and serum, it will leave a bit of residue on your hands, but it doesn't feel unpleasant. The result is literally silky smooth hair. What I like about this is that the silkiness lasts the whole day. I walk up and down a hill for 30 minutes either way, and my hair is not getting a frizzy as it usually was which is an absolute miracle.

I've used this on dry hair to add some shine, and although I would use it like that again, it's quite easy to go overboard! So a little goes a long way! I love how travel friendly the bottle is too, so I will definitely be taking this away with me on two of my trips away in the next month!

My old but gold favourite is my trusty Wet Brush (£11.99). I love the Wet Brush. If you don't know what it is, it's a hair brush that literally de-tangles your hair without pulling or tugging and just makes brushing hair a pleasant experience. I love that the Wet Brush has an actual handle because I do use it to blow dry my hair so makes styling quite easy. I find that my hair is less likely to break when I use this brush, and so it helps to maintain  my hairs condition.

I've recently repurchased this product, because I use it every single day and my old one was getting super grubby. This one is already got some fluff on it! If anyone knows how to successfully clean one, I am all ears. If you are looking for a brush which looks great but also performs, then look no further!

So those are my two products for softer, more manageable hair. I use both of these daily and I have noticed such a difference in the condition of my hair! I would love to know if there are any products that help the condition of your hair!


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