Monday, 1 July 2019

Where to Save: Makeup Edition

I love a bargain. It's the best feeling when you can find a product where the quality vastly outshines the price. I own a mixture of luxury and affordable makeup and I have tried and tested all different categories of makeup to give you my picks on what makeup items are worth heading to your local high street for.

I have tried my hardest to find a high-end mascara that curls my eyelashes, makes them thicker and fuller without weighing them down and I have not found one yet. Thing is, you can't trial a mascara out properly before purchasing it and so whenever I have purchased one from a luxury brand that claims to be the holy grail of mascaras, I'm always disappointed with the end result.
With mascara that is more affordable, I find that I can trial more out without spending a fortune, and so I do have a few go-to favourites that give me the results that I want - I will list and link them below!
Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara (£8.99/9ml)
- Kiko Unforgettable WP Mascara (£7.20/9ml)
- L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara (£10.99/9ml)

I think it's so easy to find a brilliant eyeliner without spending too much. Eyeliner only lasts a few months, so I think if you can find something you like for under a tenner then you are definitely winning. From liquids to pencils - the high street has so much variety that I don't feel the need to look elsewhere! I've now found my holy grail liquid eyeliner for under £3, which I can create a thin and defined line, to a more bolder statement look:

- Collection Fast Stroke Eye Liner (£2.99/3.8g) 
- L'Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner (£6.99)
- Rimmel London Scandal'Eyes WP Eyeliner  (£4.49)

If you are like me, and like to chop and change your nail colour weekly, then the high street can provide a variety of colours, textures and formulas to please anyone. I love finding the needle in the haystack when it comes to shopping for nail polishes, because I think every brand can vary so much (luxury polishes included!). Just because you might pay over £15 for a nail polish, doesn't mean that it's less likely to chip - nails are one thing that is affected by general wear and tear of your daily living. I've found some formulas in the high street that I would wholly recommend to anyone looking for nail polishes that can last for up to week without chipping. 

- Kiko Perfect Gel Duo (£7.99/2 polishes)

Similar to nail polishes, I think you can find a really nice selection of lip products on the high street, again with different textures, formulas and colours. I think because lip products are something that you will tend to reapply throughout the day, regardless of the price, you don't need to spend too much cash, whether you want to is a different story! I'm a massive fan of nude lip colours, and I'll list a few of my favourites below: 

No matter what makeup you purchase, it's so important to ensure that your tools are just as good as the products. In the last decade, we can see a massive increase of affordable but high quality makeup tools. I believe makeup tools are worth investing in, and finding the right ones for the right price can be difficult, but not impossible. Anything by Real Techniques is an automatic win - I've never been disappointed  in their products and they are so multi-purpose, sometimes I use them for what works for me, rather than what they are meant to be used for!
- Real Techniques Blush Brush (£9.99)
- Real Techniques Sculpting Set (£19.99)

So that is my round up on all the makeup products that I think is worth getting for an affordable price tag. I would love to know if this is something you agree with, or whether there is something else you think is worth sticking on this list.
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