Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My Favourite Nail Polish - BarryM Textured Effect Nail Paint 'Duchess'

Hey guys :)
Spring is, in my opinion, really here now (the weather may beg to differ though) and so today I wanted to share with you guys my all time favourite nail polish, and yes it is a true favourite. I've been wearing this shade for on and off for two years and I always come back to it. Let me tell you why.

Let me introduce you to BarryM Textured Effect Nail Paint (£3.99/10ml) in the shade 'Duchess'Firstly, lets all admire the shade, it's just...swoon-worthy! It''s a lovely dusty pink which has flecks of silver and it is definitely a shade which will suit everyone. It also goes with everything, with black it makes you look feminine, with red it looks complementary, with grey it look totally chic...I can go on and on about this...

It's a textured nail polish - although this means that taking it off will be hell, it also means that the staying power is amazing, like no joke, it's phenomenal -as in it lasts more than 5 days. It's actually what I wear when I have an exam as weird as that sounds, because I know I wouldn't need to fuss around with taking off nail polish and reapplying the day before so this it saves me a lot of time. Talking about time - this formula dries impeccably fast, like within 10 minutes it will be dry to the touch and you can start doing things, heck even if you did fidget in the first few minutes it doesn't matter because it's textured and you wouldn't even notice. Because of this, I always take this colour when I travel home on the train, it's foolproof. The price is the most amazing thing, like all BarryM polishes you get such a good standard while paying such affordable prices and that's why I have so many, they just do the job well.

I'm actually gushing over this polish - I never thought I would use that word to describe myself but there you go. I think everyone needs this polish, I'm totally serious about this - once you try it, I know you will be converted. Honestly.
I hope you guys try it, if you do be sure to tweet me!
What's your favourite spring shade? I think you can tell this is mine :)
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