Sunday, 30 August 2015

Review: Topshop Glow

The whole highlighting trend that's going on is enough to make a person buy a billion highlighters so that they can achieve that glowing from within look. I'm still new to the highlighting trend and so I wanted to go with something quick and effortless...

I gravitated towards the Topshop Glow Highlighter in the shade Gleam (£9.00/4g) because it's just so pretty and small and honestly when you swatch it looks exactly how a highlighter ought to. As much as I want to love this product, I really should have considered my skin type, since I have really oily skin and this is a cream product, I find that this product enhances my pores and I find it hard to sheer it out without rubbing off my foundation. I think this would work better with a lighter base, as it would be more forgiving to blend out. 

At the moment I use this product for highlighing my tear duct area and it is phenomenal for that! Honestly, it really does highlight the eye and finish an eye look perfectly. It sounds weird but I'm still happy that I got it! I've added a photo below which shows how the product looks in actual light, and you can see the gold tone that runs through, and so this shade would suit a lot of different skin tones. This product has very good longevity as it is a cream formula and so once it's applied you really don't have to worry about it too much! If you wanted to go all out, you could add this to the center of the eyelid to add dimension to your eyes.

A little does go a very long way, so you do get your moneys worth. If you have oily skin, I wouldn't say this is the best product to have for conventional highlighting, I think powder highlighters would be better in terms of application and result. Overall, if you are needing an inner corner highlight, look no further, but for use as a regular highlight, it depends on your skin type and formula preference. I would recommend this to people who enjoy wearing cream products, and actually do like having a strong highlight - this seriously is beautiful! I think I need something a bit more subtle, but I think you can see how I got swayed! 

What's your favourite highlighter? Do you have any recommendations for me? I would love to know! So be sure to leave me a comment. 
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  1. Love this highlighter <3 Its soo creamy

    Sakura xx


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