Monday, 10 August 2015

YouTube Channels I Love To Watch

YouTube had my heart around four years ago and it has never left me since. I love YouTube because it's like a video version of Google nowadays: you can find good tips, learn how to fix things or even how to build them. I really wanted to share some YouTube Channels, that I really think are worth that subscribe button!

This girl is seriously at the top of all my beauty related lists, she is just the best when she reviews items because she's quite thorough and is always honest. She is actually the first beauty 'guru' that I subscribed to and I feel like it is because of her that I started to love beauty so much. My favourite series is the 'Top Ten under Ten' which tells you about ten top items that are under £10, so if you are struggling with finding something, she has probably got you covered!

Jaclyn is a pro at applying makeup, but is also really entertaining to watch - It's the perfect mix that I am looking for as watching makeup application videos can be a bit tedious. Just seeing the result that Jaclyn achieves just makes me want to learn all the techniques that she uses. If you want to watch a professional who is great but also fun, then she is the gal for you!

As these two are really good friends, I thought it would be best to add them in together, they are quite similar but also great individually. I like them because they are really genuine and friendly and just give beauty advice on things they have had experience of, instead of acting like they know it all. They are really easy and fun to watch if you love watching anything beauty related. 

Comedy/Social Satire

If you like listening to angry rants about a variety of different subjects such as music, news or even celebrities then this guy has you covered. I've been watching to his videos for a few years now and I'm still hooked, he just really puts into perspective how easy it is to get sucked into headlines and media and really makes you think twice about believing what you hear. His tag line is angry humour from an angry man and honesty, that really does sum up his videos. 

Again, I love watching mocking videos and Bart Baker is the best guy for making music parodies, he just taps into gold with some of his videos and makes really catchy songs, some I prefer to the real version. Really light hearted and hilarious, it's worth checking if he's done a parody of your favourite songs!

I think you guys have gained an insight into my life and honestly comedy and beauty do play a huge role in it. I would love to know what channels you would recommend, so leave it in the comments below!

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  1. I LOVE Jaclyn! She's honestly everything <3

    Have you been able to get champagne pop?

    Sakura xx

    1. Haha I love her too! She's so fab! I haven't got my hands on it :( have you?? xx

    2. No i haven't :,( I really want to though :,)


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