Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Five Free Fitness Apps That I Love

My outlook on fitness and health is something that has changed since the last year. Although I've always known about the importance and managed to get myself to gyms in the past 7 years, I've done what I thought I should be doing, rather than work in more of a smart way. I've found the lockdown period helpful (funnily enough) to finally prioritise a healthy and sustainable lifestyle which I hope to continue with when everything is back to normal. 

In the past year I've tried some fitness apps which honestly have kept me motivated and firmly on the fitness wagon, so I thought I would share what they are and why they've been helpful! 

Couch to 5K

During the first lockdown, I completed the Couch to 5K app, which was a massive achievement. If you run for 30 seconds and get tired, this app is for you. It works, but you have to trust in the system. Hopefully you will stick with it and reap the benefits. I find that I fall in and out of running, I have currently a few 5K's in the last two month, however took a break with running after completing the programme. I don't think you lose what you learn, however consistency is always a good thing. I would definitely recommend this app to beginners, and heck, if I do lose my running ability, even I will go back to it! 


Strava, if you don't already know, is like Facebook but for activities. It's such a lovely way to track any activities you do, whether that's walking, running or cycling. Strava is even better if you have friends on there, so you can see what everyone is up to activity-wise and it just keeps you thinking about being active which is motivating. It's so great to cheer on your friends and family by liking their content too. I joined Strava halfway through my Couch to 5K programme to help track my distance and share my progress and haven't looked back since!

Workout for Women 

Workout for Women is such a great all round fitness app that I go back to.  I love this app because it is nicely laid out, you can choose between options (such as beginner, no jumping, abs, legs, HIIT etc) and from there can choose workouts based on calories burned and time taken. Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, you will probably find a mini workout on there. As there are so many categories, you can completely curate your own workout based on what you want to work on which is just ideal for a free app. 

Nike Running App

I've used the Nike Running App on a few occasions before I invested in an Apple Watch. Although Strava is great, the Nike Running App actually tells you how many calories you have burned which is helpful to know. So I think this is also a great app for anyone who exclusively enjoys running!


We are in an age where I think it's really easy to be sedentary. Watching Netflix, browsing the internet or even reading a book are things we do sitting down. Personally, I like to keep a track of my steps and try to aim for over 10,000 a day. I like to think of this as a target and either try to reach it or get as close as I can to it. I don't think activity should be be guilt-driven, but more a target that will make you feel good when you have done what you set out! My step count was the first thing I focused on when I was trying to steer my habits last Spring and it's still something I focus on now - so if there is one change I would recommend, it would be this one!

I think we are lucky to be in an age in which all these apps are available to us to keep us moving forward. I would love to know if any of you have used these apps, or if there are any that I should be aware of! 

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