Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum

Today I am going to be doing a review on something I think is going to be awesome for people this summer and that is The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum which retails for £11 for a 30ml bottle.

So I originally bought this product because I really wanted to try out a serum to see how it benefits my skin since you see so many people rave about it. I can honestly say that I understand where these people are coming from. I love serums now and I am itching to try out more and more. 
I'm going to start by saying that a serum is something you put on before your moisturiser and they can work in a variety of different ways, this one claims to 'enhance moisturisation and protection'.

Good Points

  • Lightweight: once you put it on and it's dried in you literally cannot feel that you put something on your skin, which is awesome because the formula seems thick. I use it in the day and in the night because of how lightweight it is.
  • Quick-drying: I kid you not, this serum dries in like less than 30 seconds, by the time I have finished putting some on the other side of my face, the first part is practically already sunk in. I love this, because again I like to use this in the morning and who really wants to wait for something to dry in completely before they have even put their make-up on. 
  • Moisturising: I realised that I actually never spoke about what it does to my skin :P Although I said that you can't notice it because it is so lightweight you can tell how moisturising it is, which is an weird balance. Although I have oily skin and I feel like I don't need more moister, I still don't skip out on using it because I feel like my skin needs to have this shoot of hydration. And this is why I agree with what the packaging says that it is for 'every skin type' because if I'm saying I need it for my oily skin then I feel like everyone else would benefit from having a product like this to really hydrate their skin, especially since summer is on it's way.
  • Protection: Although some people may think putting something on your face before moisturiser is worthless, it actually isn't because it add's another layer on your skin to protect it from pollution and other things. So if you do go out with no make-up on and just moisturiser, you only have one layer to protect your skin, and so there is a use for having a serum besides the other benefits.
  • Packaging: I love that is has a pump, so it's hassle free and you don't end up wasting product. I also like how there is a slit in the label which enables you to see how much is left. I would seriously like all products to have something like this because it's just super helpful! I know when it will end so I won't be surprised on the day when it does.
    • Smell: So this is on my good points because I do like that it has a smell, I feel like it smells like baby powder, or just something like that. It's a light fragrance and so doesn't linger and that's why it's no problem for me. I find it weird when products have no smell because it just seems like they've added more things to make it stop smelling.
    • Price: So this is £11, which I think is a good price (for a serum) especially because The Body Shop always has some sort of promotion so really you won't even pay £11. I got this product on their 'if you spend £25 or more, then you get £10 off' which, in my opinion, is the best deal ever, so I advise everyone to wait for an offer because it'll come sooner rather than later for sure.
    Bad Points
    • Shiny: So this product can leave your face shiny if you wear nothing else on top. Which is fine for me because I either will be wearing something on top or I wear it to bed and so I avoid it both ways.
    • Packaging: This isn't a major issue with me, but I feel like the packaging could be improved - you can tell it's plastic bottle and a label on top. But perhaps that's because they would rather spend more money on the actual formula of the product, which is more than okay with me!
    I hope you enjoyed this review, as you can see I think this product is amazing and quick and easy to implement into your skincare routine. Leave me a comment if you want me to review anything in particular :) or just say whatever you want to say :)
    Thanks for reading, 
    Anjna xx


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