Thursday, 5 June 2014

Review: No7 Stay Perfect nail colour

Hey guys, 
So I really had to review this for you because ugh - I don't want you to waste your money. So the No7 nail line has always piqued my interest - it's just so colourful and the packaging is so sleek and cool. So I went ahead and bought two colours. I really like the two shades I got - one was a teal colour called 'Totally Teal' and the other was a hybrid of the perfect peachy pink shade and that's called 'Highland Mist'. So...that's basically all I can say about the good aspects of this product. 

One Coat of 'Totally Teal'

Man! I was just so disappointed and I'm going to list (and show you) why:

1) Colour pay-off -  you can't get away with one coat, it's just too sheer and looks horrible, on the back of the product they say that it's 'pigment rich colour', yeah it is - after like 2/3 coats. Yup I said 3 coats because I think these look really nice with the third coat.

Two Coat's of 'Totally Teal'
2) Splotchy - I don't think you can tell by the photo's but this product does not come on nicely on the nail, when you do a second swipe it sorta gets rid of what you've already done. This is another reason why multiple amounts of coating is necessary - to even the colour out.

3) Chipping - Not even a day...These chipped on the day I put it on. If not the first day then the next day it's guaranteed man. I don't know why this formula is so...crap but dayum I have never witnessed a nail polish that has chipped as bad as these. 

4) Price - This is £6 without a coupon or any offer etc. £6!! You'll be better investing another two pounds to buy an Essie or Sally Hansen one if you want a seriously awesome polish. Heck even BarryM that retails for £3.99 is a better choice than this product. 

Difference between one and three
coats of 'Highland Mist'
I hope you guys have had better luck with these if you've tried them, if not then I hope this review has sorta warned you of what you might face :P It's a shame because I do like No7 in general but now I know I have to steer clear of the Stay Perfect line (it's so ironic too). Comment below telling me what your best or worst nail polish is :) 
Thanks for reading,
Anjna xx

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