Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Review: Coloured Eyeliner

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So today I am going to talk about a recent favourite of mine which is coloured eyeliner! I love coloured eyeliner, it's such an awesome way to add something different to your look without being too extravagant and I think it is perfect for summer :) 

Shade Three on Eyelid

The first one I ever bought was the 2True Twist 'n' Line Eye Definer (In shade 3, £1.99). I spoke about this in my April favourites and it can be purchased from Superdrug. I bought it because I really liked the colour (a totally nice light navy colour) and that it was a twist up pencil (because sometimes sharpening is a chore). Honestly for the price, I think it's a good buy if you were like me and just wanted to try something new without committing. 

50 Loving Green on Waterline
So since my first purchase into coloured eyeliner went really well I went out and purchased the Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner (£4.99) in 50 Loving Green and 47 Purple Night. There was a specific reason why I went to Bourjois, I seriously do inspect practically all stands to see which one had the best colour and formula because that is what really matters (still couldn't find a blue like the 2True one). I narrowed it down to either Bourjois or Maybelline and it was a tough call, the only thing that swayed me off Maybelline was that the formula of their coloured eyeliner was too soft, like soft enough that I thought things could mess up really easily. The Bourjois eyeliner I have no issues with, they do last all day, literally they will not budge and so that's why it's perfect for summer. It applies really smoothly so it really is best of both worlds, as you can apply this to both the waterline and your eyelid too, so it's multi-purpose product :). If you are looking to buy some coloured eye-liner at an affordable price, I think Bourjois is the way to go :) 
47 Purple Night on waterline

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