Monday, 14 July 2014

Every Girl Should Have: Hair Clamps

Hey :)
So today I wanted to start doing a series of what I think every girl should have, these things will be the most practical and most basic of things, but still very necessary and most of all - life saving :P 

Today's mention is hair clamps, I didn't just stumble across these one day - I was actively searching them out. I first came across these at the hairdressers like 5/6 years ago and the hairdresser would just stick these in my hair whilst she was doing her thing and they just felt amazingly secure! I actually purchased mine like a year or two ago and honestly I still haven't lost them all because I make sure to keep them where I can see them :P It's just perfect for whatever you want to do, for example, sectioning off your hair when you are blow-drying, curling or straightening, when you wash your face it works as well as a hair tie and whenever I am at home it will be in my hair just keeping the majority of my hair out of my face. 
I purchased mine from Boots and they give you six in a pack, 3 white and 3 black, for £3.59, which I think is a really good price for something that you will use everyday without fail. 
I hope you enjoyed the start to the series of what I think every girl should have :) 
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna xx


  1. Lovely post!
    Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Thanks :) I will - I've just followed your blog officially :P


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