Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Handbag Make-up Kit

Hey :)
So today I wanted to share what is in my handbag make-up kit as I have spent so much time deliberating what I need and what I don't through trial and error and now I think I have got everything I need :) I'll be showing you the extremes of how much I carry so beware :P

Mini make-up bag
This is one thing I think every girl needs if they are carrying make-up in their bags, because sometimes things can get messy or just lost in the abyss that is a handbag and believe me it has happened waaay too many times. A pencil case is usually the perfect size for placing your on-the-go make-up essentials, really all you need is something that you don't mind getting messy on the inside. I bought this pencil case from Amazon because it's cheap and it looks cute :) Buy it Here

So I am a sucker for brushes and so when I saw that realTechniques had brought out a mini brush set (£9.99) I literally bought it right then and there (and it is what inspired me to do this post). This set comes with everything you need: a face brush, a 'foundation' brush, and an eye-shadow brush, the best thing is that they can really do whatever you want them to do. I use the face brush for applying powder, but I think it could also be used for mineral foundation and maybe even liquid foundation (it's just a little looser than the expert face brush). I use the 'foundation brush' for concealer and omg, it is amazing, I don't usually put concealer on with a brush but this has changed the game for me. I wouldn't use this brush for actual foundation just because I think it is a little too small and it would probably take you forever. The mini eye-shadow brush is also versatile for example it's an amazing inner corner highlighting brush but stiff enough to pack on colour, yet could also help blend too. I personally use this brush for my inner corner and also to stop my eye-shadow from creasing and I love this brush too.

This should be a staple in everyone's make-up bag because you never know what may happen :P There may not always be a bathroom around either and so having your own compact mirror really does make a difference. I got this one from Boots (£2.99) because I wanted something that I didn't mind getting thrown around, was slim and I didn't want anything that heavy either, so this does the job perfectly.

So I won't ever carry a full size foundation with me but concealer is always a must, for emergency spot concealing or just touch ups, and so I have two that I carry around with me. The first one is my Revlon ColourStay concealer in 06 Deep Fonce (£6.99), I carry this one because it's a liquid and so will blend super easy and just perfect for touch ups. The other one I carry is my M.A.C studio finish concealer in NW35 (£15.50), I carry this one because of the amount of coverage it gives and so is excellent for a more major skin concern.


So I won't put eye-shadow in this kit everyday, I will only do it if I am having a really really long day and so I will probably use a single eye-shadow just so I can carry it around with me. M.A.C Bronze, which is in a Frost finish (£13), is one of the colours I would take with me as nothing beats a nice brown colour.

Again eyeliner won't be in my kit everyday simply because my eyeliner does tend to last, and also because there might be a chance that I may mess it up :), but for really long days, I will reapply my eyeliner if I think I need some more, and there is no harm in carrying some since it doesn't take up that much space. I've been using Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Sable Brown 11 (£2.99), which I love because it's smooth and pigmented.

It's always good to keep your lips moisturised and I was on the Baby Lips bandwagon as soon as it was released a year ago. I especially like 'Peach Kiss' (£2.99) because it's just gives something else extra than just a standard lip balm, just a little hint of colour and so I love it ;) it's fool proof. 

Do I have to go on about how oily my skin is? Powder is my life, it's the one thing I absolutely need critically out of all of my picks - you will always be able to find powder and a face brush in my bag. Controlling oiliness and making sure your make-up looks fresh is just two of the many uses powder has and is an absolute essential for everyone. At the moment I am using the Rimmel London Stay Matte in 005 Silky Beige (£3.99), I've went through so many of these and it does do the job, it's like my personal mission now to find something better. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I carry around with me everyday :) Comment below telling me what your handbag staples are :)
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna xx

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