Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Favourites :)

Hey :)
So this post is going to be about what products I have enjoyed in June (which went super quick if you ask me). On to the products!

Benefit - The POREfessional (£24.50/22ml)

Who in this world likes pores?? I sure don't, and so when I first heard about this primer I really really wanted to try it, anything that can help minimise the appearance of my pores is a God-send in my opinion. This product is pretty awesome, obviously it isn't going to get rid of your pores however there is a noticeable reduction in how your pores look and that's why I liked this product - because I can tell if I have used it or not. I only have the sample version of this because it is kinda expensive, but now I know I like it I probably will purchase it in the future, also the sample hasn't even run out yet so I know that this product will last.

Soap & Glory - Foam Call (£6.50/500ml)

So, before this purchase I had never tried anything from Soap & Glory, I know, crazy right? I love this product, it is literally everything I want in a body wash. I love foam so this instantly caught my interest. The amazing I have no idea how to even begin to describe it, it says it's a mix of orange, grapeseed, peppermint, but just trust me - it smells amazing. I would recommend it to everyone - especially students because it's a massive bottle and honestly it's not going anywhere which I love since I am very liberal with my usage of body washes (which is a good thing).

Lush - I Love Juicy (£10.75/250g)
The shampoos from Lush is something I have always been interested in, (maybe because it's handmade?) but I purchased this because I wanted a shampoo that will really cleanse my hair because it gets greasy really quick and because of the amount of products I put on it anyway (like heat protection, sea salt spray, hairspray, dry shampoo etc). I really do like this shampoo, my hair feels so clean after, however it is quite expensive for a shampoo but since I bought it to cleanse my hair, I only use this once a week. The smell of this shampoo is just so nice! It has ingredients like mango, pineapple and kiwi and so it isn't overly strong - it smells like... a really nice juice (maybe that's where the name came from?). 

M.A.C - Studio Finish Concealer (£15.50/7g)

Ever since I heard about this concealer I knew I wanted it so naturally I made a beeline for this product when I had the chance to visit a M.A.C store. It is everything I dreamed it to be. If you want a concealer that matches your skin tone completely, that gives full coverage, is easy to apply and is travel friendly, then this right here is your dream product. What I love about this product is that it is best applied with your fingers (you can use a brush) but the heat of your fingers make this product more creamy and so will blend in like a dream, even if I do use a brush I will still pat it in with my finger to make sure it has set, your fingers are literally the make-up tools that God has given. I gravitate towards M.A.C when I want something I know will work and they have never let me down, plus I think the prices are really affordable compared to other brands.

Got2b - Beach Matt Texturising Salt Spray (£3.99/200ml)

Yet again I have been slow to the bandwagon on yet another trend: sea salt spray. However once I did try my friends spray, I went out and bought my own soon after. I absolutely love curls and waves for the summer, I just feel like the sun makes curls look so much more vibrant and alive. This product works in a weird but awesome way - it sorta dries out your hair, making the waves you made artificially look more natural, this particular one makes your hair matte which I do really like. You can also add this to damp hair to just add texture which I like to do on the days which I'm not doing anything special. It looks nice, and another bonus is that you don't need a lot of it too, so I know that by the end of summer I will probably have some of this left, which I think is pretty awesome for the price. Overall, I think it's a good buy.

Cotton Wool Double Faced Round Pads (£1.89/100pk)

I feel late to the game on this one, and slightly weird for writing this in but it has honestly impressed me that much that I just had to include it. I always used to but plain cotton wool in those huge packets because it was just handy and you can make whatever size you want...I forgot what exactly inspired me to buy these round pads instead but man I am so glad I did buy them, they are just everything I need. Both sides are textured differently, one side has a quilted effect which is very soothing on the skin, I prefer to use this side in the morning. The other side has a grainy texture which is perfect if you want to make your toner exfoliate your skin or if you want to remove stubborn nail polish. Another reason I avoided buying this was because I thought I would go through it in like two weeks, but surprisingly that hasn't happened so I am super pleased with these and I will definitely be purchasing these again :)

So that is it for this months favourites :) I honestly love all the products I have mentioned and so I would recommend them to everyone, comment below telling me what you have enjoyed using in June :)
Thanks for reading,
Anjna xx

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