Monday, 4 August 2014

Products I have (or will) repurchase

Hey guys :) 
So the amount of posts that I've done are starting to build up eh :) That's why I thought I should do this 'tag' in which I share to you what products I would buy again because, to me, that is a sure indicator of products that work and just get the job done :) 

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System (£25.00)
I have had this product twice, once last October (and it lasted through Christmas) and also right now, which I bought in late June (and is still going strong). I really like the simplicity of this product, it really does help with preventing more acne from coming. It's quite a strong treatment which honestly does make the severity of a breakout go away really quick. I noticed a difference on day 3, so I think if you need something strong that will work I would definitely go for this product. There are 3 Steps, the first is the Cleansing Foam (50ml)  (which is the first to finish), I personally don't like this as a cleanser because it doesn't remove my make-up so I will always use something before, also it foams for like two seconds and then disappears - making it hard to spend time actually massaging it into your skin. The second is the Clarifying Lotion (100ml) which I loove, you have to shake the product in order for the powder at the bottom to mix in with the solution, it works by drying your skin out so if you have dry skin anyway this might be a little too much. The third step is my absolute favourite product: the All-Over Clearing Treatment (30ml), this moisturiser is amazing, it's like a second skin because it is so lightweight and just sinks right in and it lasts forever because you need the tiniest amount :) I would recommend this to anyone who really has problematic skin, if not the whole kit then the lotion or the moisturiser. 
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99)
I cannot even tell you how many of these I have bought in my lifetime LMFAO it literally is so many. I have been using this powder for over two years and I think it is time for me to look for another :) But I can say that this powder is excellent, it removes shine and oiliness and it is my handbag staple (that's why it's so battered up). If you want an inexpensive powder that works - try this :) 

Maybelline The Volum' Express Falsies Flared Mascara (£7.99/10ml)
I love this mascara, I really want to repurchase it because it's just amazing, it gives length and my eyelashes stay curled and it's just the love of my life. I haven't repurchased it yet because I am trying other mascaras but obviously you can tell that this one just calls to me and so I will repurchase it in the future for sure. If you just want a mascara that does everything amazingly then buy this, I think it is my dream mascara because I can't find anything that even is in the same league as it. 

M.A.C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer (£15.50/7g)
This concealer is amazing, if you have red spots or just anything that you want to make the same colour as your skin then this product is for you. It is amazing because it gives an opaque coverage and the amount of shades that M.A.C provides means that everyone is able to find the right concealer in their skin tone. Mine hasn't ran out yet but when it does (which isn't any-time soon) then I will definitely repurchase it. I love the packaging because it is so travel friendly and good for touch-ups on the go. I would recommend this for everyone because it works for all skin-types.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark and Deep Brown (£3.99/200ml)
I have raved about this product multiple times for a full review click here. I love this product, it is literally a life saver and I can't live without it, sounds melodramatic but it's true - whenever it's not with me I will wash my hair everyday. I like the fact that it is colour specific because I don't believe it when some claim to be 'colour free' cause it's just not true at all. I can see the hint of colour that this gives me and I don't mind it because it's brown and not an ashy white. I've purchased more than 5 of these and I'm still hooked on it. 

The Body Shop Almond Hand & Nail Cream (£5.00/30ml) 
This is one product that I don't think I have mentioned before but it is something I know I will stay loyal too (I haven't repurchased it yet). This, to me, is the perfect hand cream, it moisturises amazingly but is not greasy at all. I've never been a hand cream kinda girl because my hands are hardly ever dry, I don't know why, but then a few months ago that changed and so I bought this. It just does the job so well, I think it would fair well with the driest of hands too. If this is not in my handbag then it will be in my nail kit because it is perfect for pampering your hands before a manicure. I have so much love for this, I would recommend the 30ml size because it is travel friendly and I love the Almond scent too because it's pleasant without being overpowering.

Soap and Glory Foam Call Bath and Shower Wash (£6.50/500ml)
I've spoken about this before in my favourites and the reason it is also in this list is because it is amazinggg. I know I am definitely going to repurchase this when it runs out simply because it lasts for so long, hell I don't think I am even a quarter of the way down with my first bottle which I bought like 2 months ago. This is an ideal product for any university student like myself because it's just lovely to use, it smells nice and it foams! I love this and I think it is value for money. 

Revlon Nail Care Multi Care Base and Top Coat (£6.49/14ml)
This is a late addition to my list but one that should definitely be included, I never knew how important a base coat was until my nails started yellowing in April and immediately I bought this product (multi-use products always draw me in). I have never had that problem ever again, my nails are better than ever due to this, I love it. I have half a bottle left which is amazing since I bought it four months ago, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. This is the ideal base and top coat because it dries so fast and I would recommend this to everyone.

I hope you have enjoyed reading what products I have or will repurchase :) Sorry that it was so lengthy but I wanted you guys to know why I would repurchase it :) Comment below telling me what you would repurchase :) 
Thanks for reading, 
Anjna xx 


  1. I'm obsessed with the brunette batiste! It's so amazing and makes your hair just freshen up perfectly!

    1. I know right! it's amazingg :) I love it :)

  2. I use the Stay Matte powder, too - it does such a brilliant job! x

    1. It does! It's my go to face powder which I can rely on :) x

  3. The Rimmel London powder works so well, it's one of my favourite beauty products :)


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