Monday, 13 October 2014

Every Girl Should Have: A Wooden Hair Brush

Hey Guys :) 
So today's post is another 'Every Girl Should Have' :) All the products I mention in this mini series are all obvious and simple but still I think they should be mentioned because the basics are the most important right? 
The product that deserves a mention is: a wooden hair brush. Now, although this seems like a weird choice, the fact that the comb is wooden is a key part of this review. This is why you should invest in one: 
1) Conditioning -  Wooden brushes naturally condition your hair because the bristles distribute the natural oils in your hair evenly making them softer and healthier.
2) Static - Wooden brushes don't produce static electricity in your hair since the bristles are wooden! so you will always have a good hair day!
3)Breakage - Since the bristles on a wooden hair brush are wide and gentle it is less likely to break your hair when you comb through it - helping it in the long run.
4) Massaging -  Wooden hair brushes have gentle bristles, again which are wide, this means when you run it through the scalp it has a nice massaging effect - making hair brushing a more enjoyable experience. 
5)Longevity - Wooden brushes generally last a lot longer than plastic hair brushes - this is because it's stronger and made out of better material. I have always found that the bristles on a plastic brush always lose the nib (which has the massaging effect) and so scratches my scalp instead of massaging it. 
6)Types - Wooden brushes come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your hair requirement - so you have no excuse not to have one in your life!

I got mine from Amazon a while ago and I have never looked back. They honestly just feel so luxurious which is weird to say since it's just a wooden hair brush. If you haven't tried a wooden hair brush then I urge you to buy one since it doesn't actually have any bad qualities in my opinion. 
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Thank you for reading, 
Anjna Harish


  1. I really need a new hairbrush, the one I'm using now is so rubbish!
    I totally agree with all of your points, they're so much better than plastic brushes! :)
    Becki |

    1. haha :) it's worth the investment for sure! :) xx


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