Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Body Shop: Haul and Review II

Hey guys!
So let me start of by saying that this wasn't supposed to happen. I went into The Body Shop because I needed to buy a candle for Diwali and I had been eyeing up the Sandalwood and Ginger scented candle for a while now. Obviously, I got sucked into buying more things and with their 'Spend £25 and get £10 off' deal, it would be stupid not to buy more. 
Soo lets get on with the review!

Sandalwood and Ginger Scented Candle (£10.00/200g)
So this is the reason I went into The Body Shop in the first place - I love scented candles - especially when I am doing work it just makes me feel calm and the atmosphere is so much nicer that I don't mind doing work. The scent to this product is amazing! I would recommend everyone to go and give this a sniff because it's a spiced wood aroma which is just lovely to inhale. I love how this really does do the job - the fragrance stays in the room and so it's wonderful to light up.
The one bad thing about this product is that the packaging isn't that great. I love the box it comes in because it looks like it is worth the money but the candle itself is just in a plain jar which automatically makes it cheaper in my opinion because no one knows what you are lighting up. Apart from that I am super pleased with the candle - I think it's a good size and I think it would be great as a Christmas present. 

Rainforest Moisture Shampoo (£4.50/250ml)
This is something that I wasn't so happy about - this shampoo does give a lot of moisture which I like (that's why I bought it) but I didn't like it because it doesn't lather up at all! This might not seem like much of a problem but applying this to your roots is so hard - I felt like I was ripping my hair out trying to massage this in. It was honestly awful and I am not going to purchase this again. If they created a version which lathered up then this would be an awesome shampoo because it smells nice and it does do the job.

Papaya Shower Gel (£3.00/250ml) *on sale
Shockingly I have never tried a shower gel from The Body Shop - so when this one was on sale (just a pound lower but it doesn't take much to get me to buy something) I knew it was time to try something new. I really like this scent, it's nice and wearable and just a normal shower gel - if you want to try out some fragrant shower gels then go to The Body Shop since they have a massive range. The only thing is the scent doesn't last on the skin but that's pretty standard for me. This is cool if you want to try something new.

Vanilla Body Mist (£7.50/100ml)
Vanilla is my scent, like all of my friends know that I love vanilla as an everyday scent. So this instantly appealed to me - I used to wear the Boots natural collection vanilla body spray for a few years but it's been discontinued so I have been on the hunt for something equally as good. I think this is halfway there, I'm happy with it but the Boots vanilla spray was my scent for years so nothing can really live up to it. I do like this but I am not sure how far I would recommend this - if you like vanilla then be sure to smell it in store but it's still a nice and easy every day scent. I wouldn't mind repurchasing this either since it does linger on the skin nicely but hopefully I can find something even better!

So that's the end of my mini haul :) If you have tried any of these things be sure to tell me what you think about it - it's nice to hear different opinions :) I hope I steered you towards what I like and what I kinda don't :)
Thank you for reading,
Anjna x



  1. Note to self: go to The Body Shop. It's been on my list, but I've been delaying it. Now there's no excuse. The Sandalwood & Ginger Candle sounds divine! :] // ☼ ☯

    1. haha :) you should go - I really like their different ranges :) The candle is awesomeeeee :) and usually there are offers sooooo there is no excuse :) x


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