Saturday, 4 October 2014

Review: Eau Thermale Avène

Hey everyone :) 
So I had the absolute pleasure of trying out two sample sized Avène products and I can't sing their praises enough - I did their skincare diagnosis to see what products would suit me and imagine my surprise when they sent me my recommended products straight to my doorstep. Again they are sampled sized and only two of the recommended four products but still - I was blown away.
My skin is oily and blemish prone and so if you have similar skin to mine then try out these products too -  Avène do have something for everyone though.

Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser: (£11/200ml)

I absolutely love this cleanser, it's so gentle on the skin and is perfect for cleansing my blemish prone skin. I never used to label my skin as sensitive but I still feel as if everyone should care for their skin in a gentle way and this is a product that does just that. I love the smell - it smells exactly like soap which just makes me think that my face is squeaky clean. I like that a little goes a long way too - I have used this sample for a week now and I'm not even half way yet. I wouldn't just use this by itself though - I haven't even attempted to take my make-up off with it, I just don't think that is the purpose of this product. I usually take my make-up off with my Camomile Cleansing Oil and then exfoliate my skin with the Nip+Fab glycolic scrub. This Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser is what I use after I have exfoliated my face so it works it's magic while I sleep. I have really enjoyed using this product and I will probably purchase the full size. 

Cleanance K: (£11/40ml)

This product is supposed to 'reduce spots, blackheads and breakouts', now I feel like two out of three I am positively certain has reduced - mainly the spots and breakouts, I haven't noticed any new ones crop up. Again, I have only used this for a week but I feel like with continued use this will probably work even more magic. A word of warning though - this smells really weird, like I can't even describe it - you can smell it when you apply it on your face but afterwards you can't so it's not that much of an issue. I don't know if I would repurchase this or if I will keep on trying out other products. I still do enjoy sampling this out though.

I wanted to give this brand a shout-out because you guys should do the skin diagnosis and score some free samples too :) Honestly, it's opened my eyes to the brand and I'm glad that I have tried it out. 
Have you tried this brand?
Thank you for reading, 
Anjna Harish x 


  1. It sounds like I have really similar skin to you and my skin isn't my best friend at the moment so I definitely want to try some samples! I've never heard of Eau Thermale Avene before, I'm really glad you've reviewed them!
    Becki //

    1. Thank you :) It's awesome how the cleanser is gentle yet effective :) French skincare is my favourite at the moment x


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