Saturday, 20 December 2014

COLAB Dry Shampoo - A Model Recommends Review

Hey guys! 
So since my major personal discovery of Batiste dry shampoo (read review here), I have been very reluctant to try anything else which is not...well Batiste. But when Ruth Crilly, author of the blog 'A Model Recommends', released her own range named 'COLAB Dry Shampoo' I was definitely intrigued and had to give it a try. I used the 'Paris' fragrance. 

What I liked: 
1) Smell: This totally doesn't smell like a dry shampoo. It is a very light floral scent which isn't too overpowering but nice enough that you wouldn't mind putting it in your hair. I really like this. 
2) Price: This massive bottle comes in for around £3.49/200ml, which I think is awesome, I like how Ruth isn't cashing in on her subscribers and I think it is a fair price that anyone could pay.
3) Application: So this is one of my favourite things about this product - it comes out as a fine mist *round of applause to Ruth*. This makes application so much better because you can effectively control the amount of product that comes out and it won't come out in massive clumps of powder.
4) Feel: Another thing this product has going for it is that it feels so lightweight in the hair - you don't feel grimy at all. This means that you could probably use this product as a texturising spray and not feel weighed down by having too much product in your hair. 
5) Invisibility: So this product is invisible if it is used correctly, but if you do spray too much on then you still do get a tiny but of white residue so beware. But for the most part it is invisible :)

What I didn't like:
1) Performance: Okay so this may just be me, but this didn't actually work that great for me - my hair is really really oily so the amount I need to use is probably more than anyone else. So for me although it's nice and lightweight, I do need something heavy duty. So if you don't suffer with extremely oily hair then this may just be the perfect product for you because it really does tick all the boxes, but for me more power and performance is needed to get rid of the excess oil in my hair. 

So I hope that you guys liked my review of this product, I would recommend it for people who don't actually need to do a lot of damage control on their hair. Personally, I am glad I tried it but it's just not for my hair type. I totally see the craze though, so if it does suit your hair then be sure to purchase it. 
Thank you for reading :) 

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