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Lush Skin-care Favourites!

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So while working at Lush, I couldn't help but try parts of the store that I feel has not been spoken about enough. People tend to just focus on bath bombs and not anything else Lush has to offer so I have taken it upon myself to discover the hidden gems Lush has to offer (which is practically everything in store). Below are a few products which I would honestly and fully recommend and I know I will repurchase again and again.

Dark Angels Facial Cleanser (£6.75/100g)
So Dark Angels is one of the cleansers that Lush has to offer and it is phenomenal. I use this as a cleanser for my face and body as it also acts as an exfoliant. The exfoliant in the product is actually powdered charcoal which is good at detoxifying the skin and also for cleaning deeply in the pores. What I like most about the product is that although it is supposed to be quite harsh (as the charcoal is quite abrasive which I personally prefer), it is actually quite moisturising as it contains organic cold pressed Avocado Oil. What you are left with is a slight residue on your skin which is perfect as your skin doesn't feel stripped yet it feels clean. The texture of this product is quite bitty which means there is a lot of fallout, however if you leave the product closed in your shower for 2-3 days then the texture becomes more of a paste which is way easier to apply with practically no fall-out.

Full of Grace Serum Bar (£8.25/20g)
This product is so cool and strange that I had to give it a go to see if it actually did something or if it was just a gimmick. So around a year ago I went on the serum bandwagon and it's amazing to see how much they actually improve the skin and I can say that this product is no exception from that. I love that it contains two ingredients which contain Rose as it soothes the skin but also helps to even the colour out. I can honestly say this product is something that anyone can benefit from, I know most people use it as a night serum and totally load it up on their face. I also load it up at night (and then apply my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery) and I actually wear some of this in the morning too, but just a tiny amount and it sits well under make-up. The way to apply this is to either heat it up in your hands and then to apply it on to your face or you can just apply it to your face directly. Both ways work well, and the result can be seen overnight - you wake up with soft, moisterised skin with impurities looking less noticeable and it's just great. 

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser (£7.95/45g)
I really like this facial cleanser. I like it because it cleans a lot deeper than anything else I own but it does not strip the skin. I think everyone knows that my favourite make-up remover is The Body Shops Silky Camomile Cleanser but I like how this is a more rich version of that. Ultrabland is quite thick and so is harder to apply but that being said you do get a deeper clean and more of a massage when you come to take it off. For me, it does things that The Body Shops Cleanser doesn't do and thats why I like it. I would recommend this to anyone who likes oil cleansers as I feel this is the next step towards a better clean, it would also be good for people wanting to try a balm cleanser. If I use this product everyday I don't just use it alone - I will combine it with The Body Shop's so I get the best of both worlds: A deep yet quick clean. However there are days which I would just use this and it does work awesomely well. To use it you massage it into your face and to take it off you can either remove it with cotton wool or a flannel - I usually attempt to take it off with water but then carry on with my skin-care routine.

Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion  (£1.00/10g)
Best hand and body lotion I have ever used is this one. I love that it has a gel like texture which means it is packed with hydration yet doesn't feel heavy. It is infused with Jojoba, Moringa, and Ylang Ylang oil which makes it super moisturising and so you know that it is good enough to deal with parts of the body that are really dry (namely elbows and knees for me). I love that they do a trial size, which I think is a perfect handbag size but I need to go and grab the full size tub because this lotion does really last. The smell of it is also so nice - it's a very light and subtle floral scent which doesn't interfere with perfumes you may already have or feel overpowering. 

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask (£6.50/75g)
Any oily skinned people out there? This is the mask for you. It has Cocoa Powder to absorb the oils on your face but also Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter to moisturise and protect the skin. When I tell people that this mask moisturises the skin they get a little crazy, but the thing they have to understand is that you cannot just strip the skin of its natural oils because then your face goes into overdrive and starts to produce more. This is why I like the products Lush has to offer because they are about balancing the skin but they still do the job. So if you leave this on your skin for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off you get soft but matte skin which feels amazing. Also with any masks make sure you never leave them to dry fully, most people think that the longer you keep it on the more benefits you will get. However what happens is the mask drains the moisture off your skin when the mask is completely dry so beware and don't let it dry!

I hope you have enjoyed reading what my favourite products are from Lush and I hope it gives you guys some recommendations on what I think are some first class products :0
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  1. omggggggggggg lush is just amaze balls

  2. I'm so jealous you work at Lush! Ultrabland is my favourite, I always reach for it when my skin feels a bit dull! Have you tried Angels on bare skin? I love that as well!
    Becki xxxx
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    1. Haha aw working at Lush is amazing :) Ultrabland is great for those kinda days! I've tried Angels on bare skin in store and I like how gentle it is :)


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