Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Karma Arabesque Bico Watch

 It was my birthday earlier this month, and I was very lucky to receive the watch that I wanted from my family. I love accessories since they have this ability to totally change up an outfit. I only own one other watch, so it was so lovely to now be able to have more variation in my wardrobe...

I received the Thomas Sabo Glam & Soul Karma Arabesque Bico Watch (£270). I spotted this online a month or two ago and I instantly fell in love. What singles this watch out is that it is dual toned, in regards to the metals used. I love that it has rose gold and silver in it. I own a Guess watch that is rose gold, and I wanted something different in terms of style and aesthetic. I love that now I have a watch that goes with the silver hardware on my bags and jewellery but still compliments my skin-tone. 
Another reason this watch caught my attention was the bead fixture on the side, making this look more like jewellery rather than just a plain watch, I love how this looks with other bracelets, and adds to the other accessories I've worn rather than just being segregated from other things I wanted to wear. 

It's hard to see on the photo's but the face of this watch is slightly pearlescent, so in different light, this watch captures attention, and just makes the watch pretty without being too ostentatious. I love the simplicity of this watch, how it just gives the time without added features of date and other unnecessary details. This is also missing the second hand too, so it is really dialled back in terms of  simplicity. 

Another feature this watch has is the clasp at the back, it's a double clasp which is something I have never seen before, and although it takes an extra few seconds to put on, I find that it is very secure on my hand, and just leaves me with a feeling of security.

I took this watch with me to Budapest for a few days, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test drive the watch. Firstly, I'm glad I didn't break the watch, which was the thing I was most scared of! I found that I don't have to be overly cautious of this watch, which is always good! I haven't scratched it, and it's still in pristine condition. I loved that this watch went with every outfit I wore whilst I was in Budapest. 

I think you can tell how much I love this watch, this post is literally me just fawning over this watch. It's feminine, without being too girly, which is what I think the silver adds and it's practical but looks like jewellery. I can't see anyone not liking this watch.

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  1. It is a beautiful watch, I love the color, silver with rose gold hues, totally stunning :) the best thing is to invest in a nice watch that will last you forever, it was so nice of your family to get you your dream watch c:

    Cy | Dulce de Mango

    1. Thank you! It literally was love at first sight! I love it when you can wear gifts, it makes everything more special!


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