Thursday, 26 July 2018

My 3 go-to Summer Makeup essentials

Now that summer is in full swing, I've noticed that I reach for certain pieces of makeup that just encapsulate the summer vibe....

When I think of summer makeup, I think of a lighter more glowy base. The Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (30ml/£30.00) is a product I use daily, I find that it just gives that 'lit from within' look, and even makes bare skin look at its optimum health. If you haven't tried it, I would really urge you to. I've written a full review here. The reason why it's in this little edit is because it adds the glow without overtly adding shimmer and shine to the cheeks - this is why it's an essential, it's something you can pop under makeup, over makeup, mix in with foundation, or with no makeup at all. I use the shade '5 Tan' this under my foundation, and just use a half pump of foundation, and just let this product do all the work. The result is basically a Victoria's Secret version of yourself - what's not to like? Scroll to the end to see swatches!

Like I've said earlier, when I think of summer makeup, I think more about skin and a healthy tan. I'm already tan all year round, but what I have been reaching for is my NARS 'Liberté' blush (£24.00/4.8g). I love NARS blushes, they have the right about of pigment and blendability, which means you can see them on the skin but they don't look crazily out of place either. This shade in particular is that mix between orange and peach, and so really emphasise a tan, giving you that healthy vibe. I just think this shade is extremely flattering, and so even if you aren't as tan, maybe looking for a more peachy shade of blush would be equally as flattering, as it adds some colour and depth to the face without being a heavy or unnatural layer.

The amount of times I have probably said healthy is probably too much, so luckily my next item is an eyeliner, so the word healthy wouldn't really work in this context! I've been reaching for the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£2.99/3.8g) to complete my look as it just finishes my summer makeup off. I feel like without this I look like I have just woken up, eyeliner just has the ability to define the eye in such a way that you can notice it without  it overshadowing the entire look. I've just used this Collection one for the past week or so, but I quite like it, it's super black and the brush is easy to control too. I might do a more in-depth review of this product in a few weeks after it's had more of a road test! Another reason black liquid liner is a staple is because as it is a liquid, it doesn't tend to move around too much, and as it is black too it doesn't fade away as much as my brown pencil eyeliners and so it's become a summer necessity for me.

I've swatched the Flawless Filter on the right, the Collection Fast Stroke Liner in the middle and the NARS blush on the left. All the three products are pigmented and so are long lasting on the skin - perfect for summer!

These three types of items are just what I have been reaching for lately. I would love to know your go-to summer makeup essentials in the comments below. If you like my content please subscribe on Bloglovin to keep up to date with any new content! 

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